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Project #58 Canvas Tote Printing Project

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 by Irene Hoofs
Canvas Tote Printing Project by Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project

I love simple canvas tote bags to carry groceries or our family's supplies for a day out.  I decided to dig through Saya's play dough tools to come up with new fun ways to print on a canvas tote.  This is an easy project to do with your kids.  

What You'll Need:
Blank canvas tote bag
Play dough tools (I used a small cookie cutter and a wavy roller tool.)
Fabric paint
Paint brush
Felt sheet

Step One:
Lay out your blank canvas tote on a flat surface.  Place a piece of felt inside the bag underneath where you are planning to print.  This will help your print come out cleanly and also prevent the fabric paint from bleeding through to the other side of the bag.
Step Two:
Use a paint brush to apply fabric ink to the edges of the cookie cutter or wavy roller.
Step Three:
Press down firmly and evenly on the bag to print.
Step Four:
Experiment with different colors and tools to create interesting prints.
Step Five:
Don't forget to heat set the fabric paint according to the instructions on the bottle.


..New House Project..

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