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Project #152: DIY Ironing Beads Garland

Tuesday, 4 February 2014 by Irene Hoofs


DIY word catcher by Véronique from Pichouline

As a child I loved to make different shapes and designs with ironing beads. Still a lot of people do not know this lovely creative game.

As you know I love parties & this beads……so let’s make a garland with it!

what you'll need:
*ironing beads
*ironing/baking paper


Step 1:

Use the pegboard to make your circles, or any other shape.

Bloesem Kids | DIY Ironing Beads Garland

Step 2: This step has to be done by an adult.

Preheat your iron to medium setting. Cover the beads with the ironing paper, you can also use baking paper. Gently iron on to your paper, for about 15sec, make sure the beads still have an open center. Depending on the beads and your iron the time can be less or more.

Once the design is cool, peel off your baking paper, turn around your design cover your design with baking paper and iron again. Don’t overheat it as you want to keep the center of your bead open.

Bloesem Kids | DIY Ironing Beads Garland

Bloesem Kids | DIY Ironing Beads Garland

Bloesem Kids | DIY Ironing Beads Garland

Step 3:

Put a ribbon through the opening of your circle….

Bloesem Kids | DIY Ironing Beads Garland

Tada….It’s easy as it is! Let’s party….!

Bloesem Kids | DIY Ironing Beads Garland

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