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Project #171: Soccer-themed treats

Tuesday, 23 September 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Kids | Project #171:Soccer-themed treats.. Goal!!

Make your own soccer-themed treats by Anouk van der El from Make History

The world of soccer gained a lot of fans over this World Cup summer and kids are no exception! Surprise your birthday boy or girls and their friends with these soccer themed treats.

What you will need:
* 25 cupcakes
* 3 paper straws
*  green paper
* piece of cardboard or peg board
* two different colours for the two teams
*  white Posco (or similar) marker
* 25 small straws or small skewers
* roll of double sided tape
*  masking tape

Bloesem Kids | Project #171:Soccer-themed treats.. Goal!!

Step 1. Bake as many cupcakes as needed for your kid's treats.
Step 2. Stick green paper on cardboard/pegboard.
Step 3. Draw the lines with white marker as shown in picture. We used the tape rolls to create the circles.
Step 4. Use the holes of the pegboard or create holes in he cardboard for the soccer goal and corner flags.
Step 5. Measure the distance between the goal's holes and fold the straw so it fits nicely. At the bottom, once the poles are inserted, make 4 little incisions and fold to the outside so the straws stay in place.
Step 6. Cut the third straw in four small pieces for the corner poles. Make similar incisions at the bottom and fold to the outsides so they stay in place as well.
Step 7. Use a piece of masking tape to create the corner flags.
Step 8. Use this T-shirt printable and cut out the teams' outfits in two different colors. Stick a piece of strong double sided tape on the inside of one t-shirt, stick the straw/skewer on it and stick the second t-shirt on top. Stick the outfit on a cupcake et voila, you're done!

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