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Project #98: Paperbag Wreath


Paperbag Wreath by Teri from Giddy Giddy

It's time to start decorating the house with holiday cheer! Here's a simple and colorful holiday wreath you can make with kids. This only requires recycled paper bags and a little bit of cardboard - materials that are easy to find and entirely eco-friendly.

What you'll need:
*paper bag,
*water based acrylic paint


Step 1:
Cut a circle wreath out of cardboard and paint if desired.
Step 2:
Now paint paper bags with various colors / let dry / cut strips in various desired widths.
Step 3:
 Place strip on wreath, making sure to bow it out so that that an arc is formed by the paper. Tape it in place on the underside of the wreath.
Step 4:
Repeat this process until you cover the entire wreath.
Step 5:
Now your wreath is almost done; You can add a personal touch by adorning it with paper flower, paper ribbons, buttons, or a written message.

..Giddy Giddy..

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Project #97: Feed the Ducks


Feed the Ducks by Helen Bird from Curly Birds

Feeding ducks is such a simple activity that has been loved for generations – make the day extra special with a sweet ‘Feed the Ducks” bag.

What You’ll Need:
*Pre-made cotton bag (available at craft stores)
*Felt and contrasting fabric
*Fusible fabric paper (I used pellon)
*Pencil + Permanent Pen


Step 1:
Draw a simple picture of cute ducks – cut out the drawings to make a pattern
Step 2:
Using the directions, iron the fusible fabric paper on to the fabric
Step 3:
Put the pattern face-down on the attached fabric paper and draw around the design
Step 4:
ut out the fabric design and use the directions to adhere the fabric design to the bag
Step 5:
Use a permanent pen to add eyes to the ducks
Step 6:
Fill with bread and spend a fun afternoon outside.


.. Curly Birds

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Project #96: Vellum Paper Mache Igloo


Vellum Paper Mache Igloo by Jennifer Kirk from Ambrosia Creative

With cooler weather coming upon us, I'm ready for some winter themed crafts with the boys. This project involves one of my favorite mediums, vellum paper. With its translucency, applications are almost endless and this project was an experiment to see if it would paper mache well. As a forewarning, this project is very messy, but my kids enjoyed the tactile experience of getting their hands dirty! So be prepared to make a bit of mess and to work on this project over the course of a couple of days.

What you'll need:
*All-purpose glue
*Glue gun
*Vellum paper torn into strips, various lengths
*Oatmeal canister wrapped in plastic wrap (optional)


Step 1:
Create paper mache glue by mixing entire contents of glue bottle (I used a 4oz bottle here) with 1/4 cup of water in a bowl. Set aside.
Step 2:
Stabilize inflated balloon in another bowl. Use a couple pieces of tape to make it extra secure. Draw outlines for the bottom of the igloo and for the doorway.
Step 3:
Dip strips into glue mixture, making sure to completely saturate paper. Slide off excess glue and lay strips over surface of the balloon. Try to keep to one layer -- makes for a quicker drying time -- and aim to have the pieces criss-cross and overlap. Optional step: If you're feeling ambitious, make a doorway to the igloo. For the mold, I used a round oatmeal canister wrapped in plastic wrap. Allow everything to dry until hard (I had to wait overnight).
Step 4:
Slowly deflate balloon. It will stick a little to the inside of the igloo, so do this step carefully!
Step 5:
Trim off the marker lines.
Step 6:
If you made the igloo doorway, attach using a glue gun and trim off any excess. While gluing, it helps to use a bowl again to hold the igloo steady.

I found a small string of battery-operated lights at the store that we used to illuminate the inside of the igloo which gave it that extra cool factor for the kids.


..Ambrosia Creative

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Project #95: Creepy-Face-Changer for Halloween


DIY: Creepy-Face-Changer by Teri from Giddy Giddy

Here's a Halloween project that is both silly and creepy...if you like that sort of thing! Well, we sure do! We've made vampire faces, and gross zombie heads. But this was the "safest" to show you!
My daughters can't stop giggling over this.


Here are the instructions:

step 1.
Print out 2 copies of your child's portrait on cardstock paper. The higher the resolution and photo quality, the better.
step 2.
Cut face out of the background. this will serve as the front of this creepy face changer
step 3.
Cut out eyes as well as lower lip/chin with x-acto knife.
step 4.
Create the pull tab from cardstock/  in a shape of a T and in relative proportion to face.
step 5.
Align the top photo above the pull tab so that eyes appear in the correct place. Now tape chin to lower part of pull tab.
step 6.
Create the new eyes and mouth/teeth by drawing and coloring them directly on the tab.  We created these bugged out eyes and silly teeth using markers and colored pencils.
step 7.
Cut out a back piece that matches the shape of the head.
step 8.
Align pull tab between the front and back pieces so that eyes and mouth all line up. Now that you've sandwiched the tab in between, tape back and front together.
step 9.
Pull the tab to see face transform from cute to....whoa... creepy!


Enjoy Halloween!

..Giddy Giddy..

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Project #94: Halloween Suncatchers


Halloween Suncatchers by Jennifer Kirk from Ambrosia Creative

With Halloween coming up in just a few weeks, the boys and I have wasted no time in starting some projects. Wanting to do make some decor more colorful than the standard black and orange, I turned to the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, for inspiration.

What you'll need:
*Permanent Sharpie markers (for really small kids, you'll want to don aprons or 'work' clothes, or reserve this project for older kids!)
*Flat pieces of clear plastic cut out from food packaging/lids/containers
*Scissors, tape, and a few sheets of white paper


Step 1:
With black permanent marker, illustrate Halloween image onto a piece of plastic. ( Download Halloween Suncatchers)
Step 2:
Flipping the plastic around so that the marker side is facing down, tape plastic to a sheet of paper to protect your surface.
Step 3:
Color in the design.
Step 4:
Remove design from paper and cut out. Tape to window or glass doors so the sunlight can filter through.

My 6-year-old really loved this easy, colorful project and we both can't wait to add more characters to our Halloween crew!


..Ambrosia Creative

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Project #93: Yarn Fonts

Yarn Font instructions by Teri from Giddy Giddy

 Here's a really easy project for font fanatics and craft lovers. Its so easy that children should be able to handle a single letter or shape just fine.  Now that we've tackled a few words, I think we'll start making longer messages like Happy Birthday or Have a Wonderful Day!

What you'll need..... The DIY is easy!
*All you need are yarn scraps and some pipecleaners.


step 1.  connect your pipe cleaners by twisting together and then shape your word.
step 2. Start tying yarn pieces around the pipe cleaner and then wrapping loosely several times til desired thickness is reached.
step 3. Once the pipe cleaner is covered in yarn, you can reshape the word or letter as it holds the shape even more firmly.


Have a great time!

.. Giddy Giddy..

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Project #92: Making a Flower Press

Flower Press by Helen Bird from Curly Birds

Whether your first spring blooms are about to appear, or the late summer flowers are near their end, preserving your garden’s beauty can be a fun activity for any child. A home-made flower press is fun to make and can be used forever.

What you’ll need:
* 2 9x9” ply wood
* 4 1.5” ¼-20 screws
* 4 ¼-20 wing nuts
* Cardboard
* Tissue paper
* Drill
* Sandpaper
* Pencil with eraser
* Letter stamps (optional)

Step 1:
Cut 2 pieces of ply wood to 9”x9” (the kind folks at our hardware store did this for me)
Step 2:
Using a ¼” drill bit, drill 4 holes in one of the boards. Place this drilled board on top of the second board and drill through the made holes and through the next board.  As you complete a hole, screw the boards together – this will keep all the holes aligned.
Step 3:
Sand the wood to make sure there are no rough edges or splinters
Step 4:
To decorate the press, draw a circle in the middle of the top board. Using letter stamps, stamp a saying around the circle. (I stamped “PRESS ME A FLOWER”) Erase the pencil mark after the ink is dry.
Step 5:
Cut the cardboard and tissue paper to 5.5”x5.5” or fit in between the screws
Step 6:
Thread the screws through the bottom piece of wood and lay a piece of cardboard and tissue paper on top of the wood. Place the flowers on the press. (For best results, the flowers should not overlap of lay off the paper.)
Step 7:
Repeat cardboard and tissue paper layers until you have placed all of the flowers on the press.
Step 8:
Slide the top wood board onto the screws and tighten with the wing nuts.
Step 9:
Wait 2-3 weeks. And watch this space for a craft involving pressed flowers in the next 3 weeks!

..Curly Birds..
..Curly Birds etsy shop..

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Project #91: Fun Paper Glasses


Fun Glasses by Teri from Giddy Giddy

My contribution this week is a simple afternoon activity: making paper eye-glasses or “fun-glasses” with kids. In our family, these are part of the costume bin.  The glasses alone canhelp transform us into little old ladies, crazy goons, movie-star, robots, etc.


What you'll need:
* 100 or higher cardstock paper that is atleast 13 inches wide
* color transparencies or clear plastic
* tape, scissors, glue & markers/paint
step 1.   
Measure face (temple to temple and also from temple to ear). Use measurements as guide when sketching eyeglass design on cardstock paper
step 2.   
Cut out and fold at corner temples.  
step 3.   
Decorate with paint, sequins, and also tape color transparencies for the shades/glass.

That's it. I hope you make outrageous and fantastic paper glasses!

.. Giddy Giddy..

All images by Teri, please link back to this url.

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Project #90: Badminton heart


Badminton heart by Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project

There are lots of these cool vintage-looking badminton racquets at my neighborhood thrift store, so I had the idea to make some wall decoration for my daughter's room.  I used many colors of embroidery thread that I already had at home.  You could make a simple image or your child's initial.  I chose to do a heart.

What you would need:
*various colors of embroidery thread
*wooden badminton racquet
*embroidery needle

Step 1:
Decide on your design and sketch it out.  Then use a permanent marker to mark your design onto the racquet.
Step 2:
Cut a yard or so of embroidery thread.
Step 3:
Tie the thread into a knot on the racquet.  Leave a two inch tail of thread so that you can tie the other end off when you are finished wrapping.
Step 4:
Continue wrapping thread onto the racquet until the area of your design is completely filled in.  Change colors of thread as often as you like.  A needle isn't completely necessary, but it made the job go more quickly for me.

..New House Project ..

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Project #89: how to make retro postage stamps


How to make retro postage stamps by Teri from Giddy Giddy

I can still recall fondly,  playing post office when I was a kid. Now my own daughters have their own way of playing this game. There’s no more performated sheets of stamps that you had to tear off one at a time, and no more gummed backing that you had to lick.  I was feeling rather sentimental about the way things used to be, so we made a project out of making old-fashioned stamp sheets.

But actually,  this activity is also an excuse to have friends and family take turns contributing to a colorful and varied collage of artwork.

What you will need:
*tracing wheel (sewing tool) (or sewing machine )
*Markers and or colored pencils
*cork board

Here are the very simple instructions:

Step 1
Lightly fold paper to desired square or rectangular pattern. Remember to make the crease loose just for the purpose of making line guides.
Step 2
Cut rubber stamp block to match desired square pattern then apply blocks of color using light colored ink pad.
Step 3
Now get creative! Draw and color in mini picture on each of the colored blocks. Our entire family took turns filling up the page with our ideas.
Step 4
You can create perforation by placing paper on cork surface and applying pattern making wheel pulling straight while against a ruler. The cork surface is necessary to create clean puncture holds.(Another way is to run the paper through an unthreaded sewing machine.)
Step 5
To make gummed backing like those old fashioned stamps, apply glue stick generously to the back and let dry. When you are ready to use stamp, activate glue by applying water with finger or sponge. (glue not edible so its not for licking).
Step 6
Now play post office!


.. Giddy Giddy..

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