Project #134: Family Hands


Family Hands by Véronique from Pichouline

A sweet and lovely bonding project for the whole family ... perhaps make a couple of these sets and use them as little gifts for grandparents when kids go for a sleep-over :)


what you'll need:
* coloured paper
* pencil
* scissors
* brass fastener


Step 1:
Make a template of your kids hands.

Cut them out, decorate them with stickers, messages, …. if you want.


Step 2:
Make a hole at the bottom of the hands, hold them together with a brass fastener.

Bye Bye!



.. Pichouline         
.. All images by Véronique

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Project #133: foamchip-necklace


Foamchip-necklace By Nora Vrba from La Fête

Every time we receive and open a package at home, we are having a mini-party! And sometimes the packaging material is as exciting as the original content.


what you'll need:
*foamchips (or any other material you could string)
*felt pen, or paint


Step 1 – color your chips
Color your foam-chips. We made a mix-and-match of solid color chips (by my daughter Puck)  and some patterned ones by me. Dots, stripes, chevron everything goes.


Step 2 – finish the necklace

Because of the aglet at the end of the shoelace, even little fingers can string the chips.

Now, slide the chips into the center of the lace, and make a circle, with both ends of the lace overlapping each other. Take one end of the lace, and make a simple knot around the other end. Repeat with the other, loose end. You should have two knots that you can slide along the lace to adjust the length of your necklace.


Have fun!

Note: Because of the material of the chips, they stained a little after coloring. Maybe letting them dry for a while will help.

 .. La Fête 

All images bNora Vrba  

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Project #132: Icecream name stand


Ice cream name stand by Véronique from Pichouline

Although winter has arrived in Africa we never say “no” to icecream….

what you'll need:
* wooden craft sticks
* pegs
* glue
* crepe paper
* aluminium foil
* cardboard
* scissors


Step 1:
Make a template of an ice cream with cone.

Trace the template on your cardboard and cut it out. You have to do this 2 times.

Step 2:
Cut your crepe paper and aluminium foil into strips (height +/- 2cm).

Cut the strips into fringe. Glue it onto your cardboard, starting from the bottom.

Cut the sides.

You have to do this 2 times.


Step 3:
Glue the 2 icecreams on your peg (clamp up or down, you can choose).

You can decorate your ice with confetti or just leave them plain.

Step 4:
Stamp or write any message you want: name, flavour,…. on your wooden craft sticks, clamp the stick between your clothes peg or glue on it (depending if you’ve put the clamp of your peg down or up).

Bon appétit ! Que aproveche!



.. Pichouline         
.. All images by Véronique

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Project #131: Animal Mask


An animal mask by Nora Vrba  from La Fête

My almost 3 year old is totally in love with panda bears and playing in character at the moment. So I decided to make a panda bear mask for her.


What you'll need:

*felt sheets, color depending on the animal you want to make
* Iron-on interfacing (vlieseline)
* yarn (in the colors of your felt sheets)
* scissors
* elastic cord
* eyelets + hammer
* black embroidery thread + needle
*sewing machine

- Panda bear mask template -


Step 1 - Make the pattern

In this case we are going to make a panda bear. But you can create any animal you want. I always use a basic template and sketch the animal we want to create on top of it to make the pattern. (Google a lot of images and try to figure out what the characteristics of the chosen animal are.)

Cut out the pattern using this template.



Step 2 - Prep & cut your felt

Because I wanted the mask to be strong enough to survive for some time, I backed the felt with some iron-on interfacing. Put the pattern on top of the interfacing and trace it. Cut out the mask.


Now I cut the pattern in pieces, so I can trace and cut out the black bits of the panda bear mask.



Step 3 - Sew the mask

Use the zig zag stitch to hem the edges.  Leave the ears open, because they are going to be black. I used yarn in matching colors of the felt. Pin the black pieces in place and use zig zag again to secure.

Turn the mask. The eye holes should be in the middle of the seams, not touching one of the edges. Cut out the eye holes and zig zag the edges with black yarn.


Step 4 - Finishing up

Take a scrap piece of felt with interlacing and cut out two circles, a bit bigger than the eyelets. Cut a cross on both sides of the mask and in the middle of the circles. Be carful, it can easily get too big.


Insert the eyelet through the mask and one of the circles; the nice rounded edge of the eyelet is on the front of the mask. Set it with a hammer (and a finishing tool). Set the other eyelet on the other side.

To give the mask a hand sewn finish I added some decorative embroidery.

Attach the elastic cord.


And if your child rather likes a Fox why don't you try and make one looking like the one below.


.. La Fête 

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Project #130: DIY party animal candle holder


Animal candle holder by Véronique from Pichouline

To celebrate the BloesemKids Beast Best Awards from Newsweeks' online home The Daily Beast (award for the sites, apps and twitter feeds they are obsessed with right now.) Veronique thought of some great party and super easy party decoration ...


What you'll need:

* plastic animals
* candle and candle holder
* awl

Very easy but oh so fun to make and suitable for all ages!

Step 1: Make the animal holder

Make a hole in the back of the plastic animal using your awl.

Step 2: Insert your candle holder in the hole.


.. Pichouline         
.. All images by Véronique

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Project #129: Patterned plates


Patterned plates By Nora Vrba from La Fête

These plates will add some fun to every party table or make a great gift. Just add some homemade merengue and your set.


what you'll need:
*decor foil for porcelain in different colors
* hole punch  
* a bowl with water
* paper kitchen towel
* oven
* scissors / scalpel


Step 1 - Prep the plates

Choose the plates you want to decorate. The ones I used are from our local thrift shop. Wash and dry the plates.


Step 2 - Cut your pattern

Cut out the desired motif with scissors, scalpel or punch. I used a hole punch for dots and a scalpel and scissors for triangles in different sizes.


Step 3 - Decorate your plate

This is the fun part. Put the punched/cut pieces in the bowl with water for a bit. Slide the decor foil from the backing paper onto the plate and smoothen with fingers from the centre toe the edges. Remove any moisture with a paper kitchen towel.

Place as many dots/triangles on the plate as you like. To get a playful effect; don’t forget to go over the edges, or drop a dot or triangle on the back of your plate.


Step 4 - dry & bake

The foil I used had to dry for 24 hours at room temperature and harden the next day in the oven at 180 °C  for 30 minutes.



.. La Fête
.. La Fête blog

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Project #128: DIY graphic 3D confetti



DIY graphic 3D confetti by Véronique from Pichouline

Beautiful decoration on your table, wall, gift paper, Christmas tree….you can even make a garland with it!

what you'll need:
* coloured paper
* glue
* pencil
* ruler
* scissors or cutter



Step 1: Make the confetti

If you don’t have round paper, you can make the circles yourself using a compass, radius 4cm (diameter 8cm), cut them out, or use a large punch.


Step 2: Make the graphic 3D banner
The best result you will get when you use paper with different colours on front and back.

Cut out a rectangular of 5 by 10cm.

Draw the lines on the paper, following the template, or print out the template on your paper. You can download the template here. Fold the rectangular in half. Cut along the oblique lines.

Fold it along the dotted lines up, skip a cut. You can choose how you fold it (under or on top the next triangle or on top) try different options.

Glue the banner on your round paper. Cut the edges.



.. Pichouline         
.. All images by Véronique


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Project #127: sticker dot garland


DIY sticker dot garland by Véronique from Pichouline

Perhaps the easiest craft project ever shown here on BKids ... but often the simple things can be so much fun.

what you'll need:
* round coloured stickers
* thread



Quick, easy and fun to make with your little one ... just one step!
Step 1:
Stick the stickers back to back onto the thread, about 10cm apart. You can choose a one-one, one-two or random…pattern. The pattern can change when you hang the garland because it will twist around a little bit.


Tadaa…..Let’s party!


.. Pichouline         
.. All images by Véronique

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Project #126: pom-pom insects


Pom-pom insect by Véronique from Pichouline

My three year old loves insects, so for her third birthday I want to make an insect inspired party… because I don’t want to scare the other kids I made some pom- pom insects ...


what you'll need:
* paper
* paper glue
* template of an insect recto and verso, you can download one here
* wool
* round punch
* scissors
* fork


Step 1 – make the pom-pom:
For me this is the fastest way to make pom-poms.

Wrap around the wool around the two outer prongs of a fork until it gets really thick.

If you think it’s thick enough, cut the end of the wool and use a new small piece of thread to bunch the wool together. In the middle of the pom pom make a tight knot. Take your wool off the fork and cut all the loops. Depending of the circumference of your punch you can bring it into shape by trimming it.


Step 2 – insect
Print out the template of the insect, it’s nice to use a template of an insect with a “wooly, round” bottom, like a bumblebee….Keep in mind that you scale the insect, so that your pom-pom fits the insect’s bottom.

Put the two sides on each other.

Glue one side and cut them out. It’s easier to leave one side open so you can put the cord of your pom-pom in between.


Step 3
Make a hole in the bottom of the insect using your punch or scissors.

Put the pom-pom in between and glue the open side of your insect.


Bzzzzz……Let your imagination work… can make a cake-topper, garland……


.. Pichouline         
.. All images by Véronique


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Project #125: Potato stamped baby towel


DIY potato stamped baby towel by Véronique from Pichouline

Lovely present to give for a newborn or just let the siblings make it to welcome the new baby!

You can use it as a swaddle, nursing cover, sheet, towel,….

What you'll need:
*cotton muslin towel/swaddle/wrap
*fabric paint
*foam paint brush or roller


Step 1:Make sure your swaddle lays flat on your table. Use a tablecloth, place mat or paper to make sure the fabric paint won’t make marks on your table.

Step 2:
Think about the design you want to make. I’ve chosen a moon/half circle design in 3 different sizes.
Carve the design in your potato and cut it out with a sharp knife.
It’s easier to use the two ends of your potato because they are easier to hold during stamping. Make sure the depth of the stamp is big enough so you don’t get an imprint of the outline of the potato on your fabric.

Step 3:
Apply your paint on the potato stamp by using a foam paint brush. Try to apply the colour as evenly as possible on the stamp.
After each row, I wiped of the paint of the stamp if there was too much.

Step 4:
Follow the instructions of the manufacturer. I had to do the following:
Let the towels dry for 24 hours. When dry, iron them to ensure the paint will stay put. Make sure you place  a piece of spare fabric or paper between your printed design and the iron to prevent direct contact.

Welcome to the family little one!


..All images by Véronique


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