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Dog Blue

Saturday, 22 August 2009 by Irene Hoofs


Dog Blue  by Polly Dunbar

A little while ago a puppy arrived in our home, a super lovely Beagle ... the following day I visited the bookstore and found this really nice book ... of course the beautiful illustrations caught my at first but when reading the story I got very excited ... it's such a funny story about a little boy looking for a Blue Dog. Of course impossible to find so he starts creating an imaginary life about being a Blue Dog himself, but one day a real dog approaches him. When I read the book to my son and his friends they laugh out lout. And the nice thing is the story also comes with a nice message about not judging people on their looks ... enjoy reading!

..the book is available right here..

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I borrowed this book a while ago for my daughter from the library and now that my son is old enough to appreciate it, I borrowed it again. Polly Dunbar illustrations are adorable.


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