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The Close Knit Gang

Monday, 8 February 2010 by Irene Hoofs

'Bright Young Things' and 'The Close Knit Gang' by MillaMia

Two Swedish sisters living in London started MillaMia in 2009 and already published two very nice knitting books. Both books are a true reflection of their Swedish heritage. What makes these knitting books special for me are the bright colour combinations used for traditional designs, like a scarf, a cardigan or a baby blanket. The patterns are not difficult at all and so you as a beginner will have no trouble creating one of the pieces. Both books really give a new look and idea on knitted-clothes for children!



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These are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the post.

I've ordered one of the books from the Millamia website. Hopefully my mum will be happy to dust off her knitting needles and make something for the kids


Ooh, beautiful!

Am looking forward to ordering a copy of each of the books now available.

Thanks for posting this! I just ordered the Bright young things book for my mother-in-law, hoping she will make some nice things for Lo. :)

I am a beginner can I knit all the projects I especially like the coat


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