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Kinchi...Mirjam Bos gratuated from the Fashion School in Amsterdam.  With her passion for vintage fabrics she started her own label in 2006...Kinchi...it's all about her love for fashion, colour and kids and the fun of recycling and preserving the beauty of forgotten items for the future. Sixties or seventies householdtextiles, like tablecloths, kitchentowels and ovenmits are likely to end up in a dress or on some pants when found by Mirjam. She also has a shop for 'moms', right here...would you like to read a nice interview with Mirjam, just click here...

..Kinchi shop..

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Category: Handmade clothes

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Charcoal rubbings

This week Arounna shows how making a mess can result in a beautiful piece of art made by your son or daughter...

..Special page where all Arounna’s craft projects are posted..

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Zuuz...these charcoal stickers from Zuuz remind me so much of 'home'...love them! Ellen is the founder and  creator of all the beautiful self-adhesive designs...they are very easy to apply on a wall...but placing them on your ceiling or floor would look awesome too!

..contact Zuuz..
..where to buy..

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Category: Poster and Prints

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My Folk Lover...is the name of Catherine Campbell's blog and shop where she sells some adorable prints  which I would buy by immediately if I had a daughter or niece...I love the delicacy of Cathrine's illustrations, art and papercuts...Catherine currently lives and works in Melbourne and she studied art at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney.


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Category: Poster and Prints

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MaharDryGoods...has one of the most beautiful openings pages for an online boutique for children's goods...when visiting Robert Mahar's great shop you will discover some amazing products like this playful set of 26 alphabet cards by New York artist Ida Pearle or Jen Corace's loevly journal. Jen also made all the amazing illustrations on the pages of the website. Robert has a background in studio art and art history, and before opening this shop in 2005 he worked as an appraiser of modern and contemporary art in Los Angeles. Only a little while ago he also openend the online doors for a new blog, Junior Society, which explores the riotous world of kiddie culture and design.

..Junior Society..

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Category: Online shop

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WoobeeKids...Heather Correa, an outdoor enthusiast living in Seattle, is the owner and founder of Woobee... selling the softest blankets, bips and burps you have ever felt. I know from experience because Heather just send one of her lovely blankets. And I use it very often when I'm going down to the swimming pool with Lode. Heather wanted a highly effective and functional product line that is cozy for children and cool for parents, I thinks she succeeded very well. Heather also send me some amazing 'babylegs'...Nicole Donnelly started selling these great home-made BabyLegs out of her daughter's diaper bag in 2005 and is now selling them in more than 15 countries...i you visit the online shop you understand why. Heather and Nicole work closely together and here you can find their online shop. {Thank you Heather!!}

..Woobee blog..
..online shop..

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