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Open house...

Friday, 22 February 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Open house...” is a new feature on B:Kids…an opportunity to meet interesting and talented women who will tell us about their businesses, homes and family lives…giving insights on how to run and start a business...their struggles and breakthroughs and adventures…and of course why they’re doing what they’re doing… I hope you enjoy reading my first “Open house” about Esther Schuivens from Esthex… and there will more interesting women to meet on B:Kids in the near future… have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

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Wow, what a great new feature, it's always great to take a look how designers work and live. I can not wait to see who is next.

What a great read! I think it deserves some more attention, why not post it on 'the original Bloesem' too? I'm really amazed by the great business that Esther has set up, and the huge amount of different products she creates, all so lovely.
What a great feature and Esther: I really love your work!

What a wonderful blog ! Your blog is beautiful.

I just found this site. wow. Consider yourself bookmarked. Inspiring!

what a wonderful new feature!! - it was great to get an inside peek. Looking forward to future knock knocks :)

Great to read about Esther (what a wonderful name :-)) and see pictures of her dream house!

This is such a wonderful ideda, I am very much looking forward to these posts! Thanks so much...

I can't wait to see the future of "Knock Knock!" and the artists you uncover! :)

i love how this blog has blossomed. so many lovely links and inspiration.