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Sweetbeets...I'm so glad I can show you the lovely new designs from Sweetbeets, because they are perfect for little boys and in my search for items for B:Kids I find so much more for girls then boys...Lisa Zuraw from Canada is the illustrator, designer and maker of these great letterpress cards and they are printed in Canada using a vintage printing press built in the 1920s. If you visit  Lisa her  online shop you will find many more designs and also for girls of course!

..shop where you can buy the cards online..

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Although I must confess I  don't comment very often on other blogs (wish I had more time...) but I do visit them and I do apreacte the comments on B:Kids very much and they often help me to find the small but beautiful little things for B:Kids, like these lovely handmade badges from Piou.

..shop to buy the badges..
..Lespetiteschosesdepiou Blog..

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..enjoy your weekend..

Ozowiezo...Diana send me an email about the great products she and JanJaap have designed to make our life as moms easier...first the BoobyTag...a little help to remind you which breast you have to start with again for breastfeeding, just put the lovely little BoobyTag on the side of the breast you just fed from...I think this would make such a nice present for a mom to be...And the Clip-a-Gogo enables you to make a bib out of a knapkin, a handkerchief or even a paper placemat, the Clip-a-Gogo can also be used to hold a pacifier or a cuddle. Easy for on the road!

..buy the BoobyTag here..
..buy the Clip-a-Gogo here..
..Ozowiezo website..

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Category: Accessories

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Ses Petites Mains... 'little hands' is the name of this beautiful collection childrens clothing...after working for design houses in NY for many years and growing up learning to sew, knit and embroider and Beth Miles decided it was time to start her own line of 'tiny chic clothing' for girls and the clothes are still being manufacturerd in San Fransico close to her home. Her love for fabrics and fine details make Ses Petites Mains so special and by working together with wellknown photographer Lisa Lefkowitz, the catelogue looks just so lovely...

..online shop..
..contact Beth..

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Category: Fashion for kids

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Like I said on Bloesem today...'today is Ana Ventura's Day'...Ana Ventura graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal and still lives and works there. Ana Ventura is an illustrator for publications and books, especially children’s books...and her artwork is just perfect to hang in your child's bedroom or playroom. The prints above are from her 'winter days' series, but they are perfect for the whole year through I think and luckily for us easily available online right here!
In the Netherlands it is sort of a tradition that the new mother receives a special 'keepsake' present from her husband when the child is just born...a lot of my friends receive jewelry, but I would be sooo happy with one of these 2 pieces! They would be such a symbol of how I feel...both artworks are from Ana's 'Cut and Paste' series, more (and better images) information right here...

..Ana Ventura website..
..the shop..
..Ana's blog..

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Olivelse...the shop is open!! Congratulations to Else and Olivier...I always watched the amazing products  Else makes herself on their fabulous French blog...and seeing their new shop today made me happy...the handmade Ukulélé, Bavoir (bibs) and Couverture bébé (baby blankets) are just gorgeous... if you have the same troubles like reading Frech, maybe you can use this link...

..Olivelse Shop..

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