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Tuesday, 15 April 2008 by Irene Hoofs

White Rabbit England...about four years ago the sisters Charlotte and Victoria had the idea to create beautiful and original ceramic night lights for children and so they started creating the original fairy toadstool night lights, Dewdrop and Bramble...now the collection has expanded to two new 'funky' mushroom lights with flowers, stripes and little boys favorite Toys, planes, cars, robots etc! They are all so sweet and I'm sure children will LOVE these! Currently Charlotte lives in Cheshire England where she runs White Rabbit England and Victoria moved to Brooklyn NY years ago with her family and here she already sells the lights via the local store Acorn on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and she is planning to start selling in the other great children's shops in the area. If you would like more info please send Victoria an email. {ps. they also sell some great knitted items!}

..contact Victoria..

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