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Project #20 and a Giveaway Contest

Friday, 23 May 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Project Number 20!! Yes...it's already 20 weeks ago when Arounna from Bookhou first started showing us her weekly craft projects on B:Kids and I hope there will be many more to come..her projects are simply great and I know many of you enjoy her samples and are inspired by the way she makes art-making look so easy...to celebrate  this little event Arounna would like to do a little giveway to encourage you to be even more creative....but first have a look here for this week's project...how to make a 'monoprint' using paint....click here...

..Special page where all Arounna’s craft projects are posted..


What do to  - before Friday June 6 - :
*send us an image of one of the 20 projects you have done yourself with your children
*leave a comment on this post letting us know what you think of Arounna's weekly craft projects

The winner will be announced on Wednesday June 11

What can you win:
...a beautiful care package to encourage your creativity** a wonderful handmade canvas tote bag with Arounna's owl print! In the package you will also find **a brown kraft moleskin sketch book to decorate
**two pencils**a box of oil pastels**watercolour box**and a few sheets of watercolour paper....

{a big Thank You for Arounna}

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oh darn, I think I might be a little too late, but I will add my bit anyway. Arounna, these creative ideas are absolutely fantastic! We are currently making the shadow box with special pictures my daughter picked out from some old kids books. Thanks to your ideas we are trying to make crafting a daily event, instead of a monthly event. The children are thriving off their new found abilitly to create and it is so beautiful for me as a mother to watch them steadily progress. Thanks so much! Keep those ideas flowing...

All I want is time away from the computer. Tonight I'm am going to create!!! Thanks for the kick in the pants I needed.

Since we live in a city, we keep a little box of "ideas" for rainy days. My oldest is not even 3 yet, but she's able to enjoy most of the projects that Arounna's dished out so far. Her fave thus far has been the little prints made from paint on plexiglass. Thank you for the cool projects!

I love all your projects and so does my son ! Great fun !!

My two girls and I LOVE your site. They love to create and to see their creations displayed in our home (as well as the homes of most of our family!) Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and careful directions.

Love the art projects! I am always anxiously awaiting another!

Love the art projects! I am always anxiously awaiting another!

Love the art projects! I am always anxiously awaiting another!

We love your creative ideas!! Our 3 year old really enjoyed making a lino cut from one of her drawings. She now has her room and most rooms in the house adorned with her pictures. We've also had fun collecting sea glass and shells to make a mobile. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us all, we really appreciate them.

Esther and Jaral

They are great and my two boys get a real kick out of art.

I love Arounna's craft projects! Every Thursday at work I'm responsible for a posse of about 10 four-year-olds who love crafts and projects! As an artist myself I appreciate the sophistication of the projects: the variety of media, the artistic value, and the "keep-ability" of the projects (most crafts are only god for throwing out.)

Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

Thank you for projects that respect our childrens' intelligence. Our son is always looking for fun, but we runinto trouble with projects that are just too "mom-helps" intewnsive. These are something he can do with very little taking over by mom. Much, much thanks. Have been meaning to, so I'm posting a link to you right this minute.

I love these projects. They're simple enough that even a "non-crafty" person like me is inspired to give them a go. I just need my 9 month old to hurry on and grow up!

I'm always in awe with what you come up with!

I am getting a Master in Art Education. I come here all the time to get inspiration for my lesson plans. I've done the watercolor flowers, but with black craypas on the paper first so they get a cool resist effect (also we didn't have time for the paint to dry to do ink after), and I've use the paper zine for a story book. So many good ideas, I can't wait to do more. This is an awesome resource! Please don't stop! What I love, too, is that I would love to do some of these just for fun, they don't have to be just for kids. The kit would be fantastic to have - I would model a project around making the bag and have each student in my class design and make their own bag, and then we'd fill it with the art supplies so each child could have their own portable studio. (Of course I'd have to keep the adorable owl one for the teacher's personal use!)

Arounna projects are fabulous! I'm a preschool teacher and love checking them out for great ideas!

These projects are so inspirational. I love that they aren't diluted, but offer kids a real sense of creativity and gorgeous outcomes.

This page is one of my favorites, I like these ideas because they are good for working and having fun with children but as well with the older ones, for example me. I have a grandson in the age of two and I am sure I will realize some of those projects with him soon.
If my children would have had a teacher like you are, they would have had more confidence in their creativity.
Thank you for giving me inspiration.

I love them! I don't have kids, but cat crafts sound like a trend just waiting to happen if you ask me!

Just came across your blog while visiting another one...I love all the ideas you have here! & with summer starting & with my 3 daughters being home (& possibly bored to tears...) I can't wait to try some of these projects with them! Thank you so much for all the detailed directions!

I truly adore Arounna's projects and I am always inspired by her creative eye! My favorite is the alphabet/ink art - so lovely.

All of the projects are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your ideas Arounna! :)

how perfect! a kit that comes with inspiration!

Thank you for all the wonderful art ideas!

Your projects looks like so much fun I want to have kids!

these projects are so awesome. my kids are still a little young (1&3) for some of them but i think i may be trying that last one.

The projects are wonderful. We've especially liked the shadow puppets. They are also a great inspriation!

I savor all the projects and tuck them away for those times in our family's life when we just need something "different". Thank you for sharing such creative ideas!

The projects are whimsical, fun and an inspiration just to page through and look at.

I would love an Arounna care package! My little one is just 10 mos. old and I can't wait to create and color with her. Pretty soon I can get her working on a scribble garden :)

I love checking out the weekly projects for inspiration :)

I've really enjoyed all the projects, please keep them coming ...

Love these projects, though some are a bit advanced for my toddler! She has really enjoyed doing monoprints though.

Lovely! I can't wait to explore this blog more, found it through your other blog, how did I not know of this one? Right up my alley, baby/kid crafts and all...

love the owl bag, so wise and great projects as well!

I love the projects - I haven't tried them all, but they're always inspiring!

Such wonderful projects - I am collecting them in a binder for when my wee daughter is old enough to join me at the crafty table ...

Your projects are great! We don't have kids yet, but we have a 3 year-old niece and a nephew on the way. The projects give us lots of inspiration for things to do with our niece to help her develop her creative skills!

The art projects are great! Love how Arounna makes it fun and simple. Thanks for all the fabulous ideas!

I love her projects! I will try to take some photos of us creating some time this week and send the pictures.

Love the projects! I don't have kids, but I'm hoping to do some with my friend's daughter when I watch her soon. I adored crafty things when I was a kid, and I'm hoping that she does too.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration! I love your projects and will be 'spreading the love' as the art teacher at a local dairy farm's summer day camp! We are going to make lots of 'shadow' goats and a scrap fabric farm scene! Thanx!

I check your website daily for ideas to use in my Art Room with my students. I "surf" regularly and your website is one of the best out there for art projects to do with young ones. Thank you!

I love Arounna's projects! I can't wait until my wee ones get a little bigger - the charcoal rubbings are great!

Oooh! How I would love to win that. I take care of my 5 year old and 8 month old little grand girls on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Every Thursday is "sleepover" day and also "craft" day.

So far, we have made the one page folded book from the site, a paper bag scrapbook for all of the 5 year old's preschool papers, a birthday card for her Mom, a Mother's day card, a pine cone bird feeder, and she uses a free paint program on my iMac, Tux Paint, to make original creations that we print out and hang on the fridge.

your projects are AMAZING i test them wether I have workshops with children and they love it!

oh how wonderful! my 3 nephews are coming to visit in a few weeks and i'd love to be able to gift this to them!

LOVE the projects! I work in education and use these ideas with my students! Keep the creativity flowing!

keep up these wonderful ideas please!

I love the projects- always great to have new ideas! Thank you for the giveaway!

I really like the mono-print. The styrofoam project makes me cringe, only because I can't stand the sound of it, or even touching it.

The mono-print was a great idea and I'd love to try it with my kids.

My daughter is 14 and is an amazing budding artist, this giveaway would be so great for her!
Thank you for offering it!

I am a new reader and can't wait until my little monkey is bigger so we can try some of your projects!

I am always inspired by her art projects!

love all her projects but my favorite one are the Shadow puppets!!!

LOVe all your projects and can't wait to do them with my girl when she is a bit older, the sculpture is beautiful!!!Thanks for your ideas!!

Every time when my son wants to craft, we're looking at Arounna page here at bloesemkids.

And yes every time we want to make something. It gives us loads of inspiration!

Thank you Arounna and Irene!
Big kiss from Kiet and Esther.

I love the craft projects! They're so inspirational... I've already done a monoprint, and I'm planning to do the watercolour flowers and the charcoal rubbing with my daughter. She's 3, and loves to make things with me :)

My little guy is only 7mos so we haven't been able to do any of the crafts yet, but I have the project page bookmarked. I will be back! When he's old enough. I want art to be a part of his life, and I just love the projects you've created. I love that many (most?) of them are based on real art techniques. I get so fed up with other sites that have really lame projects that really don't translate into actual techniques you could use moving forward to create art.

Thanks for the great posts! They keep me inspired as a mom!

the owl bag is fantastic!

kinetic drawing bug was very cool but we haven't tried it yet.

How beautiful, I wish I was that talented to create.