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Project #25 Stencil shapes on wood veneer

...i know many of you have been waiting for Arounna's new project, sorry it's a bit later than usual..but showing this new project on Friday gives you a whole lot of time during the weekend to create a beautiful wood veneer placemat with colored stencil as well...or you can turn it in to some great wall decoration...click here to read how it's done and have fun of course!

..Special page where all Arounna’s craft projects are posted..
..Bookhou Baby Collection..

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KidsonRoof...you probably know this Dutch label from these carton homes or mobile homes...but did you already see their latest products called TOTEM for boys and for girls...create your own spaceship, airplane, witch house, lizard, reindeer or any other construction from your imagination with the more then 120 building cards, with secret codes and symbols, with imagery of metal, wood, fire, air, space and more...I LOVE love love them and I could easily display them in our livingroom!  Peter Henkes and Romy Boesveldt are the creative couple behind KidsonRoof and here you can read how they are big supporters of Unicef.

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B:Kids Book Reviews

...Yep, a new feature here on B:Kids...children book reviews by me...since my little boy was born my fascination for children books have grown even more...I really enjoy reading a book for him and especially watching the beautiful illustrations together...and I would like to share my ideas with you about the books he and I read, but I will also try to review books about art, decorating, crafts and books for older ages all for children of course...and by 'a review' I mean...i only give you my thoughts about the book, no harsh critism or theories, because I'm totally not an expert only a mom and booklover...I'll try to have a review every two weeks on a Friday, today I'm changing B:Kids schedule for this week a bit...you probably have missed Arounna's craft project yesterday, well due to some computer problems Arounna couldn't get the images to me...so a new craft project will be up tomorrow and today I give you my first review:
The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew It Was None of His Business By Werner Holzwarth, Wolf Erlbruch

..click here for this review..
..the book is available here..
..other book reviews..

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{ps. this weeks craft project from Arounna will be here on Friday...!}

After seeing these gorgeous AA (animal alphabet) illustrations on Flora Douville's blog I sent Flora an email and asked her when we could buy prints of them in her shop ... so this morning I found another email in my inbox telling me that the prints are up ... so what are we waiting for... I love them! Of course, I picked our family initials, Lode, Irene and Rik Muilwijk...

..Flora Douville shop..

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#181 Nonchalantmom


Nonchalant Mom...you probably know about this beautiful on line shop and blog run by Carina Scott, but did already know about the Nonchalant Mom Flea Market? At this new online flea market you can find some lovely stuff for your little ones, and although it's summer in most part of the world now I just adore these alpaca hats! And I would love to give this Charlie Brown View master to my little son....Carina says she will try and keep the shop limited to all things special and unusual and I believe she will! {ps. did you see the incredible house tour in Domino Magazine about Carina and her families gorgeous home?}

..Nonchalant Mom Flea Market..
..Nonchalant Mom the shop..

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Hikje...(witch means little hiccup in Dutch) is the other lovely Dutch company...founded only a short while ago by 28 year old Janneke Zantinge, who recently graduated from Utrecht School of the Arts...Hikje opened her online Etsy and Dawanda doors and here you can buy Janneke's handmade onesies, t-shirts and gorgeous wallhangings...original textile collages, janneke calls them, wall-softies, are made from soft cotton and are stretched onto a wooden frame...i also love the neutral colored ones very much.

..online shop..
..Dawanda shop..
..more about Janneke..

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Category: Handmade clothes

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