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Nie Nie Day Auction

two days ago I asked you for .. help .. help for Stephanie and her husband who have been in a tragic plane accident, Design Mom Gabrielle has initiated a wonderful event to support this family in need ... by organizing three auctions on her own blog and asking other bloggers worldwide to do the same thing ... here is a long list of all the bloggers that are helping and here you can find Auction #1, start bidding on one of Sarah Jane's wonderful pieces, Auction #2 lovely products from Darlybird and Auction #3 a microlite toro stroller ... please place your beds, it's for such a good cause...

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Céline Saby is inviting you to come and see her new gorgeous collection of handmade lampshades at the showroom at the workshop Atelier Beau Travail, from 3 to 7 September ... Céline is one of the four women who together run Atelier Beau Travail, a workshop and studio and store located in the Belleville section of Paris ... if you can't make it to the show than click here to see her whole collection online ... wouldn't these lamps make a room so much more nicer ... I think they are so beautiful, unique and special!

..Céline Saby..
..Atelier Beau Travail..
..contact Céline..

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Category: Accessories

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Jurianne Matter from the Netherlands has such a beautiful sense of style and detail ... i have written about her special products before on Bloesem (which she makes herself) and recentley she launched her new website including the gorgeous lifetree and the 'punnik' mushroom ..I'm sorry i have no idea what the english word for 'punniken' is, but I do know my sister and i both loved to make cords with this tool when we were young ... Jurianne has come up with a very new and modern version of our old Punnik pieces ... (both gorgeous products are only available via this Dutch online shop)Wensbootjes

Jurianne's first designs were these amazing 'wishboats' ... the little boats sail with you to each destination ... fold them, write a wish and use them for a birthday, wedding, anniversiray or any other special occasion...

..Jurianna Matter website..

..stockist list..

..contact Jurianne for any questions..

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Category: Accessories

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help .. help .. help .. help .. help .. help .. help .. help ..

{image is from Stephanie's house tour on Cookie Magazine}
Yesterday when I was reading one of the best 'mom' blogs, Design Mom, this particularly post caught my attention ..."When tragedy strikes someone we love, our hearts swell, and the urge to take action is almost relentless..." the post is about Stephanie Neilson from the Nie Nie Dialogues blog ... last week she and her husband, Christian were in a horrible plane crash in Arizona and are now burn patients in critical condition ... Stephanie  and Christian have four kids ages 6 and younger ...

Gabrielle Blair from DesignMom is taking action to help ... she officially declared next Thursday, August 28th, Nie Nie Day and instead of her usual giveaway Gabrielle will be hosting a silent auction at Design Mom ... with all proceeds going directly to the Stephanie & Christian Paypal fund ... so please visit DesignMom on Thursday and start bidding for this auction ... if you would like to donate immediately than that is also possible via Nie Nie Dialogues blog

..more info here on the silent auction at DesignMom..
..donate directly to NieNie.. 

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Category: Link Love

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LMNOP ... Jenny Lacey has done it again ... a marvellous new issue of her free online magazine is now available for all of us ... packed with information, inspiration, gorgeous images and fresh ideas! Above you can find just some random items i picked from issue 4 ... wood alphabeth apple by Dale Nigel Goble,  pretty jewels from Ronni Kappos available at Caramel-shop,  earth-friendly teest by Tiny Revolutionary available at kidsgiftlist and an image of Australia's first organic cookery especially for children ... and there is much more...

..LMNOP issue 4..

{ps. did you notice the gorgeous dress the girl is wearing on the cover...it's from BB+++ and Kellie has been our guest on the Open House a little while ago}

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Category: Inspiration

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I LOVE all the Scandinavian brands ittikid sells online ... like Smafolk, Plastisock, Ej Sikke Lej ... ittikid was started in 2007 by Danish born designer, Melanie Miller ... after selling her Los Angeles based family lifestyle brick and morter store, Melanie, along with husband Hus, and son Oliver, moved to Northern California to try their hand at Country living! With beauty and tranquility comes inspiration, and ittikid was born shortly thereafter ... the whole collection is so fresh with funky illustrations and children just look so happy in these clothes ... don't forget to have a look at the beautiful curtains with elephants right here!


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Category: Fashion for kids

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