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Open House with Joslyn Taylor

It's so nice to start this new week with another great Open House Tour .. this time a famous blogger opened her doors for us ... it's Joslyn Taylor from the always inspiring design blog, Simple Lovely ... please enjoy this week's Open House Tour right here ...

..Open House with Simple Lovely..
..Simple Lovely..
..Other Open Houses..

{ps. Thank you Cookie for the sweet mentioning!}

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B:Kids Book Review #6


I don't like to blame other people, but there were so many roblems with my blog provider typepad yesterday that it was impossible for me to bring you the promised bookreview ... so i'm trying again on this very sunny Saturday morning ... this week I'm showing you a small but very interesting book ... we really love it in our house, the thick carton pages makes it also an ideal book when we go to a restaurant or for Lode in the car ... would you like to read my review please click here ...

..and of course I wish you a wonderful weekend, on Monday there will be a new Open House Tour!...

..read the full review here..

..the book is available here..

..other book reviews..

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NakalKids ... is the favorite children's brand here in Kuala Lumpur of many mothers I know ... the Nakal clothes are ideal for our warm temperature, because everything is made of very nice cotton materials, my little boy always walks around in one of their shirts or shorts ... and the nice thing is you can also use them as great pajama's ... nakal ( na:k^l) is a Malay word meaning naughty or mischievous ... if you would like to order anything the best thing is to send an email the online shopping cart will be operational soon ... one of the founders is Lorien Holland and I had the pleasure meeting her a little while ago and she is such a nice and friendly lady ... she also wrote a fantastic book about what to do when visiting Kuala Lumpur with children: KL for Kids ... the super fun guide with excellent details ... available here...

..NakalKids website..
..Info how to order..

..KL for Kids Book..

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Category: Fashion for kids

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..this is such a very very nice compliment for B:Kids ...it brought a very big smile to my face this morning, thank you Jodi Levine! I wasn't able to watch it, but appaerantly Martha Stewart aired a special show about blogging and some famous bloggers, here you can watch the videoclip in case you have missed it too...

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Aggie Hill...is an online a children’s specialty boutique founded by Gloria Collins ... Gloria offers some fine designer children’s clothing, children’s shoes, baby clothes and baby gifts from well established brands like Neige and Pepe Italian shoes ... when selecting some of the pieces for this post I focused completely on the beautiful new winter designs for girls ... the hats are so adorable and I always liked the Aigle boots for them ... but there is a broad collection for boys and babies as well ... Aggie Hill also works exclusively with Amy Hamilton of Granville Millinery Co. a famous milliner, who makes beautiful handmade children’s hats ...

..Aggie Hill..

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Category: Fashion for kids

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Tollipop... Kristen from Canada is a mom of three girls and an excellent illustrator ... I really like her work and had a hard time which prints to chose from her etsy shop to show you.. but here are my choices ... Kristen told me that if she had to describe her work she would say: "there is a simple, modern whimsy but at the same time, a rather vintage feeling to my work" ... and I agree!

..Tollipop shop..

..Tollipop blog..

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