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B:Kids Book Review #9 by Lorena Siminovich


Lorena truly makes me happy with her selection for the B:Kids Book Reviews ... what a great book she is showing us this week ... Iggy Peck, Architect ... have you ever seen it before? ... I'm sorry I hadn't but that makes it all the more fun to read Lorena's review and makes me want to buy it imedeatly ...

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..Petit Collage..

..Lorena's blog..

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... everybody who is celebrating today ... Happy Thanksgiving ...


Just a quick sponsor announcement ... Lori from Fin and Roe just told me about the 'black friday' discount ...
blackfriday customers will receive 20% off their entire custom order at Fin and Roe ... this includes all custom holiday cards, address labels, note cards, etc. even if you don’t have your photos ready for your custom cards, you can place your order for the discount and Fin and Roe wait to process their order until they receive your photos! The offer starts on Friday the 28th until Sunday the 30th.

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The Australian blog Loobylu was one of the first great blogs for children I found already a couple of years ago and I'm very happy that the writer and very talented and creative women behind this blog,  Claire Robertson and I have made contact via the web ... hopefully soon she will be our guest at B:Kids for an Open House Tour, but today you have to go and visit her blog because Claire is auctioning of some her fantastic handmade rabbits over the next few days ... you can find all the details and images of the super cute rabbits right here ... truly  a very unique and original present!

..Loobylu Rabbit auction..

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Gift ideas :: less than 100


December is almost here and if you are looking for some help, tips, ideas for nice and original presents than you perhaps find the B:Kids Holiday Season Gift Guide handy ... this week I have searched for some original goodies for less than 100 dollars ... i know it's still a lot, but sometimes just one present is just as much fun as a whole bunch of cheaper ones ...

..Gift Ideas :: less than 100..

..B:Kids Gift Guide 2008..

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Jean from Ladies&Gentlemen told me about her new animal Holiday ornament collection and I truly like them, they are all intricately cut from real wood faced with your choice of 4 vintage wallpapers and are available right here ... and in the shop you can also find some great vintage toys.

Tomorrow I will be showing you a new category of the Holiday Gift Guide 2008 and don't forget to stop by on Friday when Lorena is showing us another great book review.

..Ladies & Gentlemen..

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Open House with Kristin from Mette


I'm so glad we are back home and my son is feeling so much better ... thank you all for the lovely emails and comments and being understanding about my absence last week ... like I said it's so nice to be back home and being in a hospital makes you apreciate even more how important a house/home really is, so I thought I start this new week with a great new Open House Tour ... the very friendly Krisitin Rasmussen from Mette is showing us her special place where she lives with her husband and daughter ... enjoy!

..Mette's Open House Tour..

..Other Open House Tours..

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