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ohdeedoh :: best kid's design blog of 2008?

Like I said on Bloesem today sometimes things just have a way of turning out somewhat differently than expected (or planned...)... I was planning on leaving you with some great posts just before Christmas and wishing all of you a wonderful time, but due to family matters (nothing serious, but just very hectic...) I couldn't finish in time ... SORRY ... but I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed the time with your loved-onesOhdeedoh
{image from Tiramolla Loft Bedrooms ... we had a very special week which we spent with our family and I enjoyed every moment of it ... and what a HUGE surprise to find this amazing nomination on the wonderful blog, Ohdeedoh today ... B:Kids is nominated by readers from Ohdeedoh for Best Kid's Design Blog of 2008? ... if you agree you can leave your vote right here ... I'm already so extremely happy with this nomination... B:kids is just 1 year old and I love writing and even more showing you the amazing work by so many artists, most kids are so lucky in this world, let's hope even more children will be happy in 2009!

a BIG Thank You to the wonderful Ohdeedoh team, you can meet them right here ...  

..The Homies: Best Kid's Design Blog of 2008..
..vote for B:Kids please click here ...

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Like I said in my previous post I'm running around town like crazy to get everything ready for Christmas, but I also had time to have lunch and meet the wonderful Sidsel from one of my favorite blogs Spagat ... Sidsel and her husband and daughter are on vacation here in Malaysia and I was very happy to get a chance to meet her in person ... we have been in contact with each other for almost two years and she is everything I expected her to be ... very friendly, honest open and warm! Sidsel is a graphic designer but she also made these fantastic Owls, which are available in her online shop right here and she recently wrote a post for Bloesem for the Holiday Decoration Month ... hope to see you again real soon Sidsel and wish you a wonderful time in Langkawi!

..Spagat shop..

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Sorry for not writing any posts yesterday ... I'm running around like crazy getting all the Christmas preparations finished on time and enjoying spending time with my mom ... but I wouldn't want B:Kids to be without any new posts this week and I'm very happy to bring you some Scandinavian goodness from Huset, which means "the house" in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian and Huset is  one of the best  one-stop online shops to find great modern Scandinavian designs for your kids ... fresh, funky and high quality work ...


..Huset Kids..

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B:Kids Book Review #10


A long time since I wrote a book review myself for B:Kids ... so it's nice to end this week with a post with one of our new favorite books in our house ... Follow the Line Around the World by Laura Ljungkvist ... I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I'm sure most of you will be preparing for the Christmas Holidays ... I try to make some paper-cutting Christmas ornaments, not quite happy with the result and tomorrow my mom, who is visiting, will try and make some Christmas cookies ... hope to see you back on Monday with some final posts before the party can begin ....

..Follow the Line Around the World book review..

..previous Book reviews..

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Amy Burhoe Designs .... is the husband and wife team of Wesley and Amy Burhoe. Together they share a passion for color, art, and design and create the most beautiful night lights and jewelry pieces from fused glass, where layers of glass are melted together using a kiln which is a specialized type of oven ... the night light are perfect for a child's bedroom I believe ... my son is very afraid of the dark and I was too when I was a child and my mom always made sure there was a little light shining in my bedroom and I followed this tradition for my son ... Amy Burhoe lights look like little paintings with beautiful colors ...

..Amy Burhoe..
..Amy Burhoe night lights..

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Category: Accessories

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Open House with Beth from Ses Petites Mains

A new peek inside the home of a talented fashion designer for children, a mom and a very friendly lady ... it's Beth Miles and she is the founder of Ses Petites Mains ... I also enjoyed reading the answers to the questions I asked her and gave me a bit more insight in how the process of creating these gorgeous clothes goes ... I hope you will enjoy it too ...

..Open House with Ses Petites Mains..
..other Open Houses..

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Category: Interview

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