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New Column :: Cooking for Kids

Wednesday, 28 January 2009 by Irene Hoofs


Very excited and happy to show you a new feature or perhaps I should say 'column' here on B:Kids ... Cooking for Kids ... as of today I'm going to show you a weekly healthy recipe for kids written by a guest writer or me... when thinking about this new column I  knew I had to ask my very dear friend Jenny Stegall to write the very first column and hopefully many more ... I met Jenny in Kuala Lumpur and she has made our lives so much more fun and interesting... with her great sense of humor and unbelievable talent for cooking and food-styling... on top of this she is also a fabulous host... we had some wonderful dinner parties ... unfortunately for us she moved back to San Fransisco, but having her as a regular guest on B:Kids is just a fantastic way of sharing our friendship and love for doing fun things with and for our children ... this week Jenny is telling us a bit more about her passion for food, how to feed our children healthy meals and a great recipe for vegetable pancakes ... click here for the new column!


Before moving to Asia Jenny ran a catering business in SF and also worked as a private chef for home-dining ... fortunately for you... she is back in SF and has started catering again... so please feel free to email Jenny for any catering information ...

..Cooking for Kids..

..Jenny from ApronStrings..
..Jenny's blog..

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i agree, this is a fantastic idea!! i will really look forward to all her posts. like she says, i really want to introduce new/delicious flavors to my daughter - not 'hide them' :)

what a wonderful idea!!! love this!!

Wonderful Irene - I can't wait to keep up with the cooking column and hear more from jenny in SF. Thankyou!

So wonderful! Thank you!!

Leuk! Ik zal zeker veel gaan kijken naar recepten!

Absolutely fantastic. I just clicked over, and both the recipe and Jenny's post were brilliant. Thank you!

what a great idea! the girls and i will be coming here for inspiration!

simply wonderful irene! good luck with this i know it will be wonderful!!!

Oh how fantastic, we have a bunch of kids and we all love cooking together, not just cupcakes and cookies but real food. Food that is good and wholesome and tasty and so on. Everyone gets a turn one day a week to be my special chef and make some aspect of every meal for that day. Apart from that we have a real little foodie that we call The Celebrity Chef (http://www.se7en.org.za/the-celebrity-chef-age-3) who is passionate about all things food. So some great kid recipes will be fabulous!
I love your design goodies and so I know we are going to love your cooking column. Can't wait!