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:: Birthday Giveaway ::

Friday, 23 January 2009 by Irene Hoofs


Hip hip hooray I'm celebrating my birthday today and I want to do this with you ... by doing a little giveaway ... some time ago I designedbaby card collection and sold it on several places throughout the world ... I still have some of the packages and thought it would be nice to give 3 packages, with 10 cards and envelopes to 8 lucky winners ... how can you win ... just leave a comment (before Saturday 31 January) with an idea for a weekly topic to be covered on B:Kids ... the 8 winners will be announced on Tuesday the following week ... good luck, Irene xx {ps. the mama-angel in blue is perfect for a babyshower don't you think?}


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I love your blog but would love a weekly column reviewing children's books.

I love the cards, and would love to win. The ideas already mentioned are so good. Cute clothes for boys (my grandson) and food they'd eat - not just macaroni and cheese. Also most of all I would like to re-acquint them with our childhood story heroes.

gefeliciteerd Irene! I have been a longtime reader of your blog and am a Malaysian living in the Netherlands. I want to win this for my friend in KL who is now expecting her first child.
Lang zal je leven! hip hip hoera!

The best things you can give a child is happy memories.. So I'd really love a weekly column with a fun activity to do with a child.... making a craft, cooking or outdoor exploration or games.. or even drawing something with a child.

You have a beautiful blog.

Happy birthday. would love to see you address kids as green consumers. Mine are so instinctively inclined to ecological consumption but need guidance. I feel as if their instincts are getting warped as they grow older, as mine probably are.

Happy birthday. would love to see you address kids as green consumers. Mine are so instinctively inclined to ecological consumption but need guidance. I feel as if their instincts are getting warped as they grow older, as mine probably are.

Happy birthday. would love to see you address kids as green consumers. Mine are so instinctively inclined to ecological consumption but need guidance. I feel as if their instincts are getting warped as they grow older, as mine probably are.

Happy birthday. would love to see you address kids as green consumers. Mine are so instinctively inclined to ecological consumption but need guidance. I feel as if their instincts are getting warped as they grow older, as mine probably are.

Happy Birthday? It turns out to be my birthday too, that was so fun to find out!
I would like to see an article or pictures of playgrounds around the world, I have seen some in Europe and love them, so much creativity, art, and fun....
thanks for your blog, I love it

I love the idea of vintage kids books with wonderful illustration...and speaking of--who did that Eskimo illustration in the picture? I recognize it, but can't place it! And, of course--happy birthday!

Happy Birthday and thank you for such an inspiring blog. Some fun weekly topics: places to travel with children, how different families, designers, artists, celebrate the seasons or holidays with their families, and bringing back the weekly art projects. I would totally be a contributor for that. I'm a high school art teacher and a mom of 2 boys (1 and 4).

Hi Irene. How lovely of you! I would love to see and read more about adorable 'green' / environmentally friendly stuff for kids. How about that? XOXO Amreta

I would suggest stories/poems/song create themselves! Blessed birthday!

hi. i love your sites.
and i like those cards too :)

de-clutter! kids clutter multiplies faster than the universe.
How to cull toys/clothes but retain future treasures.....

Very cute cards. A good topic would be Einstein ideas for kids. So you could discuss things that help kids learn or get smarter, for example: types or specific music, activities (fun, quiet innovative, creative), movies or shows, good foods, specific books ect.

Happy Birthday and thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

Baby shower announcements cards and favors and invitations for kid's birthday party would be a nice topic.

Have a lovely day!

p.s. happy birthday!

topic idea: vintage children's books

Happy Belated Birthday!

Some nice themes could be "green toys" or fair trade toys. Handmade crafty toys, books, dolls... could go alone with that.

An interesting thing to look into would maybe be a toy recycling service to go along with a theme of not wasting and providing for others.


I think a before/after DIY project or a re-decorated child's space would be a cool weekly addition.

Hi Irene and many Happy Returns...

Since we are on the subject of birthdays..and since birthdays for our little ones are such exciting and longed for events, how about a weekly suggestion for a interesting party theme? This could include a modern twist on an old classic game taken from our childhood, a craft activity or even some fun, simple cooking for kids? We had a Hawiian theme for my 5 yr old daughter a few years back; hula skirts, limbo dancing, fruit smoothies and lots of music from 'The King' himself! They loved it.

First: happy birthday!!! happy chinese new year!!!

I love these cards! So I have to respond!

About your request for a topic. I always enjoy seeing photos of old furniture turned in something great for a childrens room. To show that decorating doesn't have to be expensive!
I sometimes show these on my blog too.

Kind regards, Caroline

Oh very nice idea ! I wish you a happy birthday Irene !

Happy birthday and a weekly topic?
Fun things you can do with kids, including kid friendly restaurants... I sometimes find it hard to find a nice restaurant that have entertainment for kids, I sometimes want someting else than McD, LOL.

Happy Birthday!

I think a weekly creative organization theme would be neat.

Happy birthday (belated!)

Two suggestions for weekly topics: for moms to be (like my sister in law), design and products to prepare them for their child before the child arrives.

Also, eco-conscious and friendly design for kids (toys, clothing, anything goes!)

How about a column featuring music for kids--either bands or CDs. Could also be a discussion of the wonderful older albums, ie. vintage Sesame Street.

Also, I agree with others--it's hard to find unique and sweet clothes, etc. for boys.

Happy Birthday!

These are lovely!

Happy birthday.

I would love to see covered a theme about wearable kids vintage clothes. I love kids vintage!

A weekly topic...hmmm...
What about pregnancy? Anything to do with pregnancy and having a baby - baby room designs, maternity clothing, infant clothing, books for mom-to-be, infant toys and feeding supplies, etc. I think that would work well on B:kids, since most kids are babies at one time or another. ;)

SO cute -- I would love to see clothes for boy girl twins - anything twins!

nice pix on your blog !

Happy Birthday! I know lots of mothers to be at the moment. How about a post on trendy bags for keeping all those bits and pieces in (like nappies, baby wipes, spare babygros, socks, bottles etc) for when mothers are on the go...

first of all cuute blog and happy birthday.. congrats
secondly yaaaay i heart giveaways
hmm a theme for kids.. it would be nice to have like an edutainment theme.. posters, books or puzzles but written in different languages (Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic).. it would be cool for kids to learn few basic words in different language

what about kids and their favourite design stuff? let's all send our pictures of kids playing with their favourite designer toys.
or sleeping in your eames chair. or the art they made on your wall.

I am writing endless Thank You notes after the birth of my daughter, and am ALWAYS on the lookout for the most clever cards to use as a "Thank You".

Love the cards. Topic-maybe doing art projects intwined with some sort of journaling your child's life.
Another topic could be all about vintage toys

Happy birthday !,

Am enjoying following your blog !.

My suggestion would be... different weekly colour palettes (summer can be light and bright cols,winter can be deep warm rich earthy tones but fun combos for kids). I love seeing fresh colours as the year changes and it could be great fun creating colour themed mixes of products that would then connect with fun activities for kids, like baking things, learning things, sleeping things etc...

Have a fab day !

Happy Birthday Irene. Have just recently found your blog and love it! Love the cards as well. A possible topic could be crafts and arts activities to do with kids at various ages from little ones to much older ones!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like someone listed the first thing I thought of...different Etsy Shops. So what about projects to do with kids? And absolutely love the cards!

Happy Bday !
I'm always searching for cool kids invitations and it's very difficult to find ! We only get horrible invitations on the characters as Barney etc...
Have a great Sunday !

Happy Birthday! Since you like to explore the world yourself, I was thinking maybe you could do a weekly post about different cities around the world, relating to kid's things in those cities....like toy stores, furniture stores, any special kid-related places to go. It would be really interesting to read and helpful for people who like to travel also! For instance, I've never been to Kuala Lumpur...I'd love to hear about cool kid-related stuff there....and elsewhere. Thanks for the great blog, I really enjoy it.

Happy Birthday!

How about crafty activities that can be done with your children as a weekly topic. Or feature a new children's book weekly, with interviews with the author/illustrator if possible.

Hi, Happy Birthday!

What about a weekly topic about what to do on a rainy day with little kids inside the house. (Crafting, playing, baking etc.) We do have a lot of rainy days in Holland:-)

These cards are darling!!!! I would love to see styles/websites with trendy, non-frumpy maternity clothes.

Happy (belated) Birthday to you! Hm... maybe a theme could be innovative kid-spaces organization? Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

Happy Birthday, Irene !
You think of such wonderful topics; what could I possible suggest?
I would love a post about how to encourage eco-responsibility in young kids - how to think 'green' as you grow !

Happy birthday to you, Irene!
I have been reading all the ideas above and like all of them. To make it easier to make the topic global, surprising, interesting for most, etc. etc. I would suggest to combine all the ideas and call your topic Something for boys & Something for girls. You can cover toys (pirates vs dolls), room decor (blue vs purple), recipes (butterfly cupcakes vs train birthday cake), etsy finds (wooden truck vs fabric flowers), clothes (pants vs dresses), craft projects (dinosaur vs pony), books ...
Enjoy your day!

Wishing you a very happy birthday Irene!

I love your blog and check it daily. Maybe you could do a series of children's birthday parties, with gifts, party favors and different themes. Or focus on the birth signs Ms. Aquarius and how they relate to children. Keep up your fabulous work. You make the world seem smaller in a beautiful way. Thank you.

Happy Birthday! What lovely cards. I'd love the chance to get my hands on them! Like Melanie said, I think Kids crafts and activities would be a great addition. Let me know if I can help with that.

Have a great day, or birthday month as I like to celebrate all month long!

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

Your designs are fabulous and we'd be thrilled to win them.

Our topic proposal - little foodies - recipes, aprons, bowls, plates, spoons, high chairs, the works!

best wishes,
claire, isla and maisie

Aw happy birthday!
These are lovely lovely lovely! You're so sweet to host a giveaway for your birthday. :)

I think "Science" or "science experiments" is a good theme.

Happy Birthday! The cards are beautiful.

I would love to see a weekly topic on making your own toys, furniture, room accessories. I love the idea of actually knowing where my son's belongings come from and what they are made of exactly. Making them myself would be an excellent solution and I could involve him too.

Happy Birthday!!! What a nice way to celebrate with us! :)

My idea is a parent-oriented feature. How to make mom/dad's life easier. For instance, I just got an iPhone and my nanny researched games for toddlers on the iPhone. We downloaded one called Peekaboo Barn which is great and keeps my 15mo old occupied during times of irritation (like sitting at the dr. office). Perfect now that he's getting into his close-to-tantrum stage. I'm sure there are a ton of things to report on that would make life easier for parents from diaper bags, to recipes, to technology, to planners, etc.

How about education? That could mean a particularly good book or toy, a craft project or exhibition.

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year again!

Happy Birthday!
Mine was yesterday!

I think that a great theme/topic would be things for BOYS. I have two boys and a girl and I have so much more trouble finding just about anything for boys. From books, to decor , to toys, once you negate the commercial, superhero, made in china stuff there is not much left.

Many happy returns to you. Love your blog. Am a Malaysian residing in the U.S. As for ideas, how about featuring open-ended toys, an example of which would be simple wooden blocks or clay, etc. from around the world. These are clean, focused product for kids as opposed to highly structured ones that already have predetermined results which I abhor. Less is definitely more in educational fun learning toys for kids. Also, how about focusing on one single title kid's storybook from around the world? For example, Cinderella story from the U.S., China, etc. Might be fun for kids to note the similarities and dissimilarities and most importantly, the universality of themes. Another one would be featuring kid's bedrooms/nurseries and all that's special and unique to them - helps and invites others to join in and explore the magic of their lives. These are just some quick thoughts as I put away soiled dishes into the dishwasher and my little one is persistently inviting me to join him in a game of treasure hunt around the house with Pirate Captain Tooth (a name he bestowed upon himself just 2 mins ago!). Best!

I did LOVE Arounna's art-projects. Would love to see her come back someday!

Perhaps a weekly post of artwork made by children? Maybe your little one could share drawings of little life in KL with us :)

a huge happy b-day to you!
i think a great weekly feature would be something written by a kid.
a book recommendation. a tour of their room. their favorite toy or game.
i think that would be great. for us. and for them, too.

Happy Birthday!

I would love to incorporate more design aspects into my life and my daughter's, but I must say the budget required to purchase much of what is on here is for "Brangelina." Haha. So! Maybe a weekly 'design on a budget'(that isn't ikea or target, ya know?) would be a really cool thing. It seems like most of us are left supporting those big companies because the designers are so expensive and I would love to have an alternative.

I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Irene!!!
maybe BEst Pictures of the week, people submitting creative photographs of the world they live in!

Happy B-Day!

I'm interested in anything for boys!
Most blogs just have too much pink :)

I love yor blog! I think it would be nice to some a weekly topic on diy projects por parents: simple clothing for children, deco, baby food, etc.

Happy Birth day to you!!
Today is my birth day too!!!
You know? This year is the best for Aquario!
Viva! Aquario.

Happy Birthday - and thanks for your beautiful blog. How about 'kids in the kitchen' - it could cover food and eating related things - tables, chairs, place mats, cutlery, plates, cups - and yes - even suggestions for what to have for dinner!

Happy Birthday. The cards are beautiful. I would love to see other beautiful cards.

Happy Birthday!!

How about coordinating outfits for the family? Not matching outfits... something that wouldn't be too cheesy.

Happy Birthday! Love the cards, beautiful. What about a theme based on colours?

Oh, they are really lovely Irene. They are beautiful and I hope I win so that I can give them to my sister who will be a first time mama in six weeks! I am a book lover, so would love to see a weekly book review of beautiful stories for us to read with our little ones.

i love the adorable baby cards!

weekly topic idea: a focus on individual items found in a nursery. it's an overwhelming task for new moms to design a fun and functional nursery. it would be wonderful if you posted weekly on a pretty item, must-have item, or unique item that make a nursery great.

happy weekend!

I know this might not be design-focused but how about a regular feature on kids' food? I always love seeing the packaging from other countries, recipes, etc.

Happy Birthday!

hi irene,happy birthday!!!!i don't have kids yet,i married just a year before ,but i really want to have kids as soon as possible!! i know my sister's little girl, is going to love your cards!!!i live in greece and i would like to see your work here...i love your work.your site makes me a better person and dream for the future...many kisses