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Nobody likes to be in the hospital and it's even more awful when your child has to be there ... I know from experience, luckily some minor things ... but I'm sure a stay in the hospital would be less horrible if it was designed like this hospital in Sweden by the Swedish designers from Wis Design ... I have often written about the women from Wis Design on Bloesem and always love what they do, including this interior design of the every day rooms at the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital in Stockholm.

..wis design..
..wis design for the Children's Hospital..

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I found this bed via the Fawn&Forest notes a little while ago and was really pleased to find the company, kalon studios, who makes and designs these wonderful childrens beds and baby cribs ...the bed is set low to the ground in a clean and modern shape which allows growing children to climb in and out of bed with ease, it's really worth visiting their site, because the childrens rooms are truly eye-candy...

..kalon studios at Fawn&Forest..
..kalon studios..

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Category: Furniture for kids

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Okay ... who doesn't LOVE Donna Wilson ... I know I do very much and I was of course very happy with her email this morning letting me know that she is going to be our geust for an Open House Tour real soon and to inform me about her new website and products ... impossible for me to choose what I like best.

..Donna Wilson..

ps. some of you have told me about the missing images in some of the previous Open House Tours, thanks for that and yes I will repair the broken images real soon.

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Category: Accessories

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a new look and a wonderful mentioning in Denmak's best interior design magazine ... BoligLiv ... what else can I wish for ... thank you so much to the very lovely Kristina Fjeldgren, editor at BoligLiv ... and welcome to all the new Danish readers, I hope you like B:Kids and will stop over for more visits! Kristina asked me make a collage of some of the products, designs I really like ... it was very hard for me to choose but I'm happy with the result.


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A new Look

Maybe you have noticed ... BloesemKids has a new look ... and I hope you like it ... together with two fabulous women, Lisa Cameron and Jo England, I started working on a new design, new technical features and a more professional blog for B:Kids a while ago. The plan was to get the new blog up and running before little Kiet was born, but He decided to come earlier then expected so we had to postpone the launch until now ... and please understand not everything is fully operational yet and we will keep on changing small things in the weeks to come but 95% is finished and I'm very happy I can start working with the new B:Kids...
It was very important for me to bring you a blog that is easier to navigate on and pay more attention to the columns here on B:Kids ... I have added a new column which I'm very excited about, called Mom Stories ... Moms from all over the world are going to tell us a bit more about their lives, how they are raising their children and what they like about the place/country they live ... the first Mom Story will be live next week!


I really want to give a BIG Thank You to Lisa Cameron, she has done a marvelous job with the new site. I can honestly tell you that she has given me the best customer service you can ever ask for. Although we have never met in person and have communicated only via emails, our working together went excellent and I can highly recommend her if you are looking for somebody to help you with your blog or website!

I hope you Enjoy the new BloesemKids ....

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My favorite Dutch fashion label ... BB+++ has brought another fabulous and unique collection for the summer ... congratulations Kellie, the colors and designs look great. I also love the soft toys BB+++ is selling in the online shop, they are from another Dutch label called Redspotted purple. The soft creatures will bring a smile to your face... the little creatures originate from children's imaginations..., the first drawings they make, the stories they tell. These drawings and stories show the essence of their fantasy.

..Buisjes en Beugels website..
..Buisjes en Beugels webshop..

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Category: Fashion for kids

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