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just an idea...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009 by Irene Hoofs

this is such a clever idea ... building a slide next to the stairs ... i found the image via this nice blog, the seventy tree, and just had to post it immediately and have no idea who's house this is, but I hope you like it as much as I do! Have a nice day..

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The image was in the November 2008 print edition of Cookie Magazine, along with a lot of other images of the house mentioned.

omg, this is amazing! I want one too!

oh this is so fabulous. I want one too...

When my friends built their house, they included an awesome twisty tube slide from the main level to the basement. My kids LOVE visiting their house!

So Cool. Makes me want to add a second story.

slide needs to be bigger, b/c there is NO way in the world I wouldn't be on it daily! :)

HA! I've seen this before. Fantastic idea...

my son would be up and down all day long! I love the modern look.

oh my gosh! Even I would love to have a slide there!

i love it!

that is awesome!! Although, I don't think it would stay white for long.

I first saw this is Anita Kaushal's book FamilyLifeStyle: Home and scanned the pic to save to my favourites. It is a great idea.

I first saw this when we took our kids to legoland (windsor) a couple of years ago... I have hunkered after it ever since. Too me it epitomizes an understanding of kids in an adult world. Totally love it!

Hello. Thank you very much indeed! Yes, it's such a fantastic and clever idea. I just did some more research into where it came from, as I couldn't remember where I had found the image originally. It was from one of the house tours on www.cookiemag.com and belongs to London architect, Alex Michaelis. I will now add a link to it on my blog. Thanks again and have a lovely day.

Oh my goodness, this is great.
You would need them to take their shoes off to do it though otherwise you would end up with skid marks down the wall from their shoes!!

My kids would be in heaven with that! Beautiful image!