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Everybody in blogland knows that I'm a big fan of Heather Moore aka Skinny Laminx's prints, textiles and fabrics ... and of course she makes me extremely happy when sending me a t-shirt like this (bottom-left corner) for my my little baby boy Kiet ... he will look even more adorable or should I say fab in this monster shirt then he already is ... the shirts are not available via Heather's etsy shop but online over at the fantastic LittleBig shop.

..Skinny Laminx T-shirts online at  LittleBig Shop..
..Skinny laminx blog..
..Skinny Laminx online shop..

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Aren't these not the most adorable shorties you have ever seen ... Handmade Charlotte ... is the 'handmade' label from Rachel Faucett, a mom of five children, yes I know we definitely have to invite Rachel for the Mom-stories and tell us how it is to raise five children and create such beautiful clothing and find time to write/update a truly beautiful blog! ps. thank you so much Rachel for sending the gorgeous fortune cookie shorties in the right corner!

..Handmade Charlotte online shop..
..Handmade Charlotte blog..

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Category: Handmade clothes

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giveaway today from penguin and fish

What can you win :: 2 fantastic embroidery patterns of your choice (pdf files will be emailed to the winner)
What do you have to do :: leave a comment and any ideas on what animals Alyssa should do for any of the remaining letters are very welcome ...
Winner will be announced :: Wednesday June 3 and notified via email

Today you can win 2 super gorgeous embroidery patterns made by Alyssa Thomas from penguin and fish ... Alyssa almost finished the whole alphabet with original animal illustrations that you can embroider on sleepig bags, t-shirts, wall canvasses etc. I think they are awesome ... and love Lode's Lion and can't wait for Kiet's perhaps kangaroo ...

Alyssa also offers a 'buy any pattern' and 'get one pattern for free' for all you B:Kids readers until Tuesday June second next week...just type in "BloesemKids" and write down the second pattern you would like to receive into the "Message to Seller" box in the checkout ... such a nice offer, thanks Alyssa!

..penguin and fish..
..penguin and fish blog..

Last weeks winner from the SHirin Kids giveaway is Cheryl White!

Important message: as of tomorrow I will only have sporadic access to the internet ... therefore responding to your emails will start on Wednesday June 3 again ...thanks for your patience ...of course the posting will keep continuing, so hope to see you back this week.

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Since Kiet's birth we are often listening to the very nice piano music by Lori Henriques, a musician (and teacher) from L.A. who recently launched her first printed album "Lullaby Piano" ... and Kiet loves it, it makes him sleepy and I strongly believe that this kind of music is very good for babies. Together with her brother, the artist and painter Joel Henriques, Lori designed the beautiful cover of the cd ... they used one of her grandmother's paintings for the patterns behind the shapes ... the cd is available via I-tunes or visit Lori's website for more order information... enjoy the music and thank you Lori!

..Lori Henriques..
..Lullaby Piano..

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Today I'm posting about two family members from the US, Joel and Lori Henriques (see post above) ... both very artistic and talented. I have written about Joel's artwork before on Bloesem and I was again amazed by his new creative adventure ... beautiful wooden toys ... Joel doesn't have enough supply yet o start up an online shop but you can most certainly email him for more information if you are interested in buying something from this beautiful collection ...

..joel little website..

..contact Joel Henriques..


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New Column :: Mom stories ::

Yes, today is the launch of my new column, which I'm very passionate about, because I believe the most brilliant thing about the internet and blogging is that we can make our world so much smaller by share our stories easily online and it gives us all so much more insight how moms and woman live in different places in the world ... so please meet my dear friend Rosalie ... who also lives in Kuala Lumpur ...

below are just some of the questions I asked her, would you like to read the whole story then click here ...
..Can you name some specialties from the country where you live now and you and your family really started to love or still don’t like?
To be honest, we don’t eat a lot of local food. There are a lot of choices if you want to eat out. Malay, Indian or Chinese. Indian would be our favorite I think. From the Malay kitchen it would be satay from a wellknown restaurant in Subang.
..What do you think is very different in raising your children in the country where you live now and where you were raised?
I think the difference is that she can spend much more time with me as I don’t have to work here. Back home I would have had at least a part-time job and spend less time with her. It’s really nice for her to live in a country where the weather is nice 365 days a year. She hardly gets sick or needs to wear four layers of clothing which can be so uncomfortable.

Click here for the whole story ...

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Category: Mom stories

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