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New Column :: Giveaways every Wednesday

Wednesday, 20 May 2009 by Irene Hoofs


What can you win :: your choice of any item from the 'organic kids line'...
What do you have to do :: leave a comment below before Tuesday May 26 and tell us what you like about SHirin Kids
Winner will be announced :: Wednesday May 27 and notified via email.

Every Wednesday from now on I try to organize a great giveaway for you and today on my husbands birthday SHirin Kids is offering one of you a free shirt their from fabulous organic collection ... Shirin  Roubeni is passionate about designing her own prints. Every one of her pieces is individually hand silkscreened with water based inks which create a soft transparent look. SHirin Kids is an eco-friendly line ...

The lovely people from SHirin Kids also would like to offer all the B:Kids readers a special discount of 20% off from any purchase on SHirin store until the end of June. Just enter :: BLOESEM20 at checkout. But please note that the online store can only process US orders, for international orders, you can simply email the order to orders@shirinnyc.com incl. BLOESEM20 code and SHirin Kids will also be offering you international free shipping ... super!

..SHirin Kids website..

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Just love the graphic prints...and the eco friendly quality is just what every mom wants for their kids....have to think about the future...

love that none of the items are "cookie cutter." Individuality rocks!

I've been working in a school recently and the little kids have been learning more about animals and habitats and I'm sure they would go wild for this great range! I love the style, very different to other kidswear brands - my favorite is the birdie.http://shop.shirinnyc.com/product_info.php?cPath=60&products_id=11418

I really like the embellishments and details!

And finally something that is not pink!

I love the ruffled cap sleeves. Modern flair with a romantic renaissance feel. SO FUN!

I love it all. I love the prints.

The neutral colors of the organic kids line are really pretty.

I love the fun designs and the colors.It's definitely something any grown up would wear

wow! great line!

I really like the way they feature animals: vibrant colors, original design and clean lines... Thanks for a great giveaway!

SHirin means UBER cool kids wear that plants the seed in your little one to encourage total self expression...pure art in kids clothing!

I am virtually falling in love with the prints of these tees.... Colors are very easy to mix and match too and I can already picture my daughter in the grey one! GREAT WORK!!

Hello!I'm a fashion designer who lives in Greece.I think your designs are gorgeous!The organic line is so nice!I could wear your clothes too with so much pleasure!!!I would like have one of them ,for my sister's little girl.It would be so nice to see your work here in Greece.Thank you and keep the good work.Oh!Did i say that i really really love Bloesem?

I like the whole line -- its nice to see neutrals and strong but delicate images, particularly for little girls. Its important to have an antidote to pink! I love the one with the chubby little wren on it the most. I have a 6-month old niece who looks just like a human version of one of those little birds! Chubby and with small bright eyes!

I LOVE!!! the designs and and think the ruffled tee with the bird on it is absolutely adorable!

I love the designs; they interesting and unique...kid friendly without being cutesy!

I love love the designs, so cute! THere are so many things I like

What I like most about Shirin, is the fact that it is inpired by nature. I love the organic kids line and I think my 2 year old daugther would look very beautiful in this shirt!

I think they are all adorable!

Cool screenprints!

I love them!
I love birds and bugs and all that nostalgic atmosphere of the black and white...
its like does old botanical or nature ilustrated books
its simple, its nice it is eternal...

and for sure they are so softtttttttt......


I love the prints! Very nicely done.

Love that they are so adorable AND organic! I would so love to win!

I love the designs. Too cute!

All oh so pretty, my fav ruffled sleeve lap tee w/bird.

I love how simple the designs are, and yet there is so much detail in them. The ruffle top is too cute.

I really love the birdies, but do they also have nice shirts foot lovely boys?

I like it because it's nice, original & organic ! :)

I like it that they have a "mommy and me" section.

Love the bird tee, so simple yet so striking.

I love that the children's organic line is brave enough to have such a muted color pallet. That's so rare with children's clothes.

smalltownbeatnik at gmail

wow thank you for this opportunity! I really really love their designs! such a beautiful elegant + childlike simplicity to the prints. I also LOve the ruffles on top of the sleeves on a few of those tees..

love the colors combinations...bright oranges, lime greens, earthy brown tones!

Amazing prints.

Yea! Very cute line, so hip!

I love the colour tones and the ruffle sleeves on the t's, the designs are very beautiful. I would be more than pleased to dress my children in this range and would wear the t's myself. Very clever

Gorgeous! The designs are very poetic, sophisticated and original!
Simply LOVE it . . . . !

absolutely gorgeous. I wish these came in sizes for the big girls - not just the little girls!

I like everything: colour, design, prints...
A pretty world!

LOVE the bird print!!

I love all the grays in the organic line and the little ruffles that show up on the shirts now and again.

These are so cute! My daughter would look like a rock star in one of these! :)

FINALLY a kids t-shirt line that's good-looking, great colours, graphics cool yet still kid appropriate and very cute attention to detail with the little ruffles! Great product that I would happily add to my own and my kids' wardrobes.

how lovely!

SHirin kids has such lovely designs. I am partial to the birdy shirts. So significant of life...sometimes we soar on the wind and sometimes we have to flap our little wings oh so hard to stay afloat. Both are good. Both make you fly. I would love to win one to dress my littles.

I love that the kids designs are not too "cutesy" especially for boys. Thanks for the giveaway!

handmade... organic... tasteful...

What a beautiful children's clothing!!
I cross my fingers :D

the retrostyle is cool!

i absolutely love that bird design so sweet!

gorgeous designs - love the cute bird.

I love the urban industrial vibe, yet it is still delicate enough for my little girls. So original!

Oh wow this is so cute it has to be blogged about!

My little girl is fascinated by every bird flying above her little head. What a great idea to put these birdies on a beautiful shirt. She would be delighted - don't even mention her mother :)

definitely not your usual ruffle outfits with pink bunnies and butterflies. I love the style!

I love the organic kids ruffle t's. Wish they came in my size.

Such cute designs! I love the idea of having everyone dressed in a similar (but not necessarily the same!) design! One great family photo-op!

I love the designs and the detailing! Great stuff.

Wonderful designs, I love that she uses water based ink, so much better for baby and me =)

I love the mommy and me couture.

I love the modern prints with the feminine ruffle sleeve.

these are darling! thanx for the chance to win!

Hooray for giveaways! These tees are all so lovely...

Sophisticated, earth friendly and fun all in one. What more could you want for you little urchins!?!?

these shirts are so adorable and cute. I need some of these! :)

The wonderful grownup design!

A greate symbiosis between good design and organic fabrics,what should I say more;)

I love these awesome t-shirts! So trendy! They would look great on my two boys. pick me :) please?

The Mommy and Me Couture tees are so cute without being cutesy! Jasper would love the Eco heather tee with bird print.

every eco line looks exactly the same- but this one s bright , modern an different. Thank you for sharing. (love the little flaps on the kids tees). Fingers crossed

I love the ruffles on the bird shirt! Eeeek! All these designs are so cute. Yet not cute-sy. Perfect.

this is a great way to introduce your sponsors. i love thee designs - so fresh for kid's clothing!

Eco-friendly and stylish... what's not to love.

Awe, what an adorable line. I love the grown up look of these prints! The quality looks great!


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