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Lode ...

... a new house, family visiting and a new baby brother is quite a lot to handle for a 3 year old, but he is coping very well and that makes me a very proud mom ... yesterday when I was doing some unpacking and decorating upstairs in the bedrooms I caught him playing with my little crochet project, normally I would get angry but I forgave him, he didn't really touch the work he was just playing with the threads like a little kitten ... seeing him like this made me realize that I want to spend a whole week playing with him and giving him my complete attention, he deserves it! So I won't be posting this week anymore but come back to you next Monday with a fabulous new (Dutch) Open House Tour and a new Win on Wednesday ... which reminds me of reminding you :: do enter for last weeks WOW :: the 2 prices you can win are just the best and have such a high value ... (if not  for yourselves, how about winning a price to give away to another lucky person?)

...some of our new wall decoration in Kiet's baby room, I'm very happy with the result, the beautiful wall-Safari-graphic from Wee Gallery, and the gorgeous jungle mobile from Petit Collage and 2 embroidered linen panels by me ...

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#351 made by mosey

Madeleine Sargen from Melbourne sent me an email telling me about her Mosey products. Being a mother of two, Madeleine is an expert in all things soft, cute and cuddly and everything is made by hand with love and care by herself. The bird and butterfly mobiles are so beautiful, I'm considering buying one myself for little Kiet... who by the way is doing fantastic, he is growing, waking me up a lot during the night :) but that's all worth it ... show you some images after the weekend...

..Made by Mosey..
..Mosey's online shop..

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2 prices to win today!

What can you win :: A cute apünktchen cab AND a Nutcase streethelmet from Line+Liv
What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us about an idea, review or an inspiration for the Line+Liv blog
Winner will be announced :: Wednesday July 1 and notified via email.

I think today's giveaway is a contest you have to take 'serious' ... because winning a Nutcase streethelmet like this is so important for your child's safety! Your child will definitely not mind wearing an awesome helmet like this and you can feel a bit less worried when he or she starts cycling, skateboarding or else ... and I can honestly say that the apünktchen cab  is just awesome, Lode loves to wear it here at home ... Thanks so much Wiebke for offering these prices!

The winner from last week is Jennifer (blueskyjen) and she will win the beautiful prints from haciendo el indio

..Line+Liv online shop..
..Line+Liv blog..

... and this is Lode (my son) with his apünktchen cab which he loves wearing!

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#350 Kindling


Kindling is the label from Nina O'Brien from Australia ... Nina loves printing, drawing and sewing ... and her collection includes womens, mens and childrens clothing aswell as papergoods and other bits and bobs ... and of course I like her work very much otherwise I would not have shown it to you ... Nina's focus is encorporating beautiful designs with her original illustrations, and she produces everything as sustainably as possible.

..Kindling blog..

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Mom story :: Ellen, my big sister

It is super fun for me to have my super sweet sister, Ellen here today as a guest ... she lives in Dorking in the UK with her 2 fantastic boys and her husband. Of course I miss her dearly but only a couple of more weeks and we will spend some quality time here in KL together. A little bit about my sister ... she is just the most trustworthy, friendly and humble person you can find on this planet and she knows best how to make me really laugh ... we truly enjoy each others humor ... very important for a good friendship... Love You!
Please click here to read my sister's mom story and see some images of her beautiful home ...

..Ellen's Mom story..
..Other Mom stories..

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... i'm signing off for the weekend ... to many things to do in our new home, but I would like to let all of you know who send me an email with a question .... I will get back to you next week, promise! ... enjoy and relax..ps. on Monday a new Mom Story ...

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