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Bookhou giveaway

Wednesday, 10 June 2009 by Irene Hoofs

What can you win :: a fantastic bag of Canadian soft toy animals from Bookhou
What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us what you like about Bookhou before Tuesday June 16.
Winner will be announced :: Wednesday June 17 and notified via email.

My dear friend Arounna from the super beautiful shop, studio and art atelier is offering one of her handmade soft toys bag and I wish I could enter my comment too, but of course one of you should be the winner, so please leave your comment after visiting Bookhou's website and let us know what you think...good luck!

..Bookhou kids..
..Arounna's craft projects on B:Kids..

The winner from last week is Elaina and she will win one set of 20 greeting cards from CreativeServices.

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simple and stunning.

Ohhhh, wat mooi!!! Echt heel zoet. Mooie blog, zeg! Ik zet hem op mijn lijstje!

Groetjes en leuk jullie te ontmoeten! Guusje

I totally admire Bookhou's sophisticated yet cuddly products. The understated aesthetic makes all of their pieces timeless. I've had my eye on these stuffed toys for awhile.

I love the nature theme to all the designs. I especially love the plywood raindrops...I don't know why but I have a thing for them.

truly gorgeous. so organic and peaceful feeling -- yet super stylish! the animals and wooden raindrops are so lovely! and the mobile, too. and the furniture! love it all xo

I can't get enough of all of the lovely modern plush dolls that artist are creating!

The house book ends, animal sofites, and furniture are my favorites!

I've been following Bookhou for a while now. Love all the items...especially any of the printed fabrics!! Love Love Love these toys! The cat reminds me of my own <3

I love the whole design! The animals are amazingly drawn, the packaging sleek and simple, and the natural theme is soft to the eye. Ooh, would like to win this one...

bookhou, i have been tracking you! such a lovely, organic touch. thanks for making delightful things.

What I know of Bookhou is simple and just, probably as the person who designs it.
But it is mostly a very elaborated balance between design and material: it feels like each design uses the exact proper material and making, and therefor, it fells like feeling...

What I know of Bookhou is simple and just, probably as the person who designs, is. But it is mostly a very elaborated feeling between materials and objects: it feels like each object has been made in the very proper way, and with the perfect material.

I visited Bookhou's site and LOVED that everything is so textural. I love the use of fabrics like linen that are tactile, inviting me to touch them. I also love the designs, the prints, the way they are sketchy and rough, not smooth, giving even more texture to every item. Beautiful products!

What cute animals. My girls will adore these - hope they don't mind being washed a lot. I really like the clean lines and colours, the simplicity really, of the Bookhou designs. Very modern without the silliness that you see so often. Very nice.

Oh I love the light, organic feel of everything over at Bookhou- especially the fabric storage boxes and house tea towel. And with a new baby on the way, the bag of animals would be such a treat!

Luv lots at bookhou but especially these softies and the color printed ones of the moose, beaver and bear - so Canadian! :-)

Learning is not just two dimensional! I love the picture animal toys from Bookhou! My child can touch them, textural and dimensional. I also like that they are animals native to Canada. Not your African Elephants and Lions. The animals are nicely printed and comes with a bag!

i'm canadian and i've actually seen all of those animals in the wild. i would love to send them to my canadian/guyanese/mexican niece.

kinda retro - very uptodate!

i love, love the felt child's chair and the orange/grey felt coasters. also like how cleanly the site is designed.

The shop is beautiful!, especially the furniture and kids section.

Now this is a toy that I would gladly get down on my hands and knees and play with my son. I love the fact it is soft so you do not have to worry about toddlers with the new born in the same way as some toys that go flying during my toddler' games!

I love Bookhou! The use of wood and fabric in their work makes you feel like you've been around nature. I love the subtle use of colour and I would love my daughter to play with this beautiful animals!

I just love Bookhou! They have fabulous designs and everything looks so natural and friendly, love it! :)

Wow, I love those. I have been trying to find some soft animals for a baby and those are absolutely adorable.

what I love about bookhou is that it combines nature and home is the most beautiful and unique way. Thanks for a great giveaway!

I love that these cuddly toys make nature and animals real but also approachable. Recognizable and soft; simple yet greatly detailed. Wonderful site too!

“Growl growl” says the bear; “Quack quack” replies the goose…And “chew chew” the beaver chews…The moose, sorry, I couldn’t find what noise it makes.
…And I go “Wow!” for a howling bag and a lovely website!

I love the natural look and appeal of all the items. They are to the point and do not need all the bling everyone else seems to believe they need to use.

I love the detail in the images. Thanks for a great giveaway!

The beautiful design combined with natural materials is absolutely great!

My sister has just travelled to Canada from Australia and enjoyed the hospitality of the country and people enormously. She didn't get to see a bear in the wild but was impressed by all the other canadian animals. It would be an amazing gift to be able to give her a bag of animal toys to remember her trip!

Adorable...love it!!

What isn't there to love - these are just gorgeous and perfect for a unisex gift.

absolutely fabulous!

just showed it to my daughters and the one-year old screamed with delight and the five-year old loves elks
and of course mother loves everything from Bookhou

I love the nice organic look and feel of the site and the products.

Bookhou "objects" offer a child the opportunity to make choices during play. They appear so inclusive... from make believe to functional. I suspect each and every item will grow more dear with a little persons patina after many afternoons of use.

What I like about Bookhou...besides the fact that they are a Canadian company - is their organic look. their items are so simple and lovely!!

oh, my... these are the kinds of things i love: nature-inspired designs, artistic, unique, with an organic feel. yummy! i look forward to seeing more of bookhou's sculpture (and paintings!) when available! love anything wood-block printed, too ;)

(and, thank you for the opportunity to win.)

Bookhou is like a japonese haiku.. you can feel the breeze, you can sent the rain, the sound on your finger tips... a sensorial experience... nature!

Bookhou's shop gently opens your mind to nature in a post-modern world - I love these soft toy animals in black-white art print.

I love the otter! My daughter loves it too!

What do I not love about bookhou is the question. These would be a great birthday gift for myself!

I like that the animals are not the standard ones we see all the time...deers,beaver,owls etc so much nicer than seeing cats and dogs and cows!

Very simple and creative! And useful - as pillow..

Thank you for the chance to win these! I love Bookhou's simple, but tasteful designs and lovely, natural materials ...
Count me in please!

I love the organic feel about all of their products. And these are just so cute to boot...

bookhou has such special things! simplicity, natural elements, texture, modern and chic make it such a treat to peak at their website. my twin baby girls would love to cuddle with these soft toy animals.

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I'd like to say that it's beautiful. I loved the site, those little things are so lovely. I have a 1 year old's child and I apreciate a lot the toys. I'd like to congratulate you for the web site too.

Here is an original and sweet toy ! I love it !

Since i miss her craft-project this would be a great way to have her close!
I do like her point of view; down to earth and do more...with less!!

i love the natural materials--so important for baby toys. and the fact that i love looking at them! so pretty!

this could be also for big kids like me,very cute

I love that everything from furniture to stuffed animals is so simple yet so striking.
Very beautiful work!

I love that the items from furniture to stuffed animals are so simple and yet so striking. Very beautiful work!

I love bookhou design since a long time, so natural, so pure.

I love the modern lines of their products blended with natural materials and inspiration - I absolutely would love for my children to own and treasure these pieces. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

how beautiful are all the things on the website..close to nature...i love it!

what i like: soft design. toys that take kids seriously and let them think and play at the same time. i hate that most kid toys dont respect children, but these do

The items in the shop are gorgeous, excellent work. I only wish there was an owl shirt in a bigger size. My fingers will be crossed to be the lucky winner!!

ah bookhou...I cannot find the right words to describe them. Simplicity. Beautiful design. Down to earth. Just all around lovely : )

I love the flock mobile, which reminds of Alexander Calder's great work - so elegant, gentle and refined.

I love the birch clouds - simple, yet beautiful.

I love these so simple yet lovely, and perfectly sized for my daughter.

What is not to love about bookhou!! Just the fact that the shop is in canada and not here in the Netherlands ;-)

I'm in love with the cloud bag, but the softies are oh so lovely too!

What I love about Bookhou, is not only do I get to support a fellow Canadian artist, but I'd have to say that plush toys are not only for children! They are so clean and simple, and would perfectly fit into any room and add a little twist to the decor. I absolutely love them, they are so sweet. I'd be honoured to offer them a place on my shelf. :)

I love the clouds wall hanging, so lovely.

I love Bookhou's designs--they are so expressive, whether there is a minimum of lines or more detailed!

i love how they are able to consistently design and produce such beautiful items while managing a young family, teaching classes, promoting fellow artists etc., etc. i am proud to be a fellow canadian.

Love the black and white print. Striking and simple!

Love, love, love petit chaise no.1! My goodness!

Bookhou totally feeds into my long-standing crush on Canada.

Oh gorgeous animals! I've never seen any of them in real life, so i'd love to have a set emigrate to Australia :)


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