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a new boy in the house...

Tuesday, 28 July 2009 by Irene Hoofs

yes, proud to introduce you a new member of our family...Poppy, a super sweet, funny and happy little dog. It's just so wonderful to see how Lode is playing with him and try to teach him little tricks...I guess with a Beagle this isn't an easy job and for me and my husband life has begun even more busy, but we don't mind it's a relaxing new task.

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ohhh - what a cute duo!

Schattig! Hier heerst ook puppy-koorts. Wij zijn nog niet zover, maar als het aan de kinderen ligt natuurlijk liever vandaag dan morgen!

My sister has a beagle, "bee", she brings her to work. She has eaten everyones lunch at least once, and a half a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough, and a bag of dried apples that put her tummy in terrible turmoil. They kinda have a food fixation. And yet, cuter than cute.

Oh how precious! We have a Beagle named Snickers who looks very much like your Poppy. I agree...Beagles are very intelligent just very stubborn! Have fun with your new pup.

Puppies are the best invention ever!!! I hope you enjoy him.

Poppy is beautiful!!! And what a lovely addition to the family, Irene! Congrats. xx

he's adorable - Lode looks so happy.

It´s a super price for Win on Wednesday.
Very, very sweet!

Hello! I love Beagles, i have one. I'm a brazilian fan of your website. You will need a lot of patience with his poppy. He is beautiful. Beagle is very messy. Look my "Mayle" Beagle. http://koppes.blogspot.com/

Oh, he's so cute! Beagles are such friendly dogs. We have one as well. Don't let anyone tell you that they are not intelligent: it's just that they're stubborn ;)

Poppy is gorgeous!


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