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Weekend crafting with IKEA

Elbeo_ikea Last week I was reading a very nice Dutch blog called Kleine Zaken and there I found a great link to a tutorial or should I say a fun sewing project that even I can do (or hope) ... the link brought me to Eloleo, the blog from a Belgium mom, Sanne, who loves to sew and she is soooo good at it! Her idea to cut out some of the animals from the Fabler fabrics from IKEA and turn them into lovely soft toys is just brilliant! The result is really nice and they are perfect for a handmade gift...{ps. Sanne says it's wise to wash the fabrics before you start, enjoy!}

Revluzzaikeatree Via Eleleo I also found this project from, Revoluzzza, a German artist, craftster and DaWanda seller. Already in 2008 she showed this fabric Tree Project ...al you have to do is buy some Fredrika fabric (again IKEA) and follow these steps ...I like it!

Thanks Sanne and  Revoluzzza ... I wish you all a wonderful weekend, hope to see you back next week, when I will be showing a great new Open House, an amazing art piece at the WinOnWednesday, a book-review and more.......irene xx

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Category: DIY for Kids

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Win this gorgeous Mobile from Puka Puka

What can you win :: A beautiful Blossom Mobile in the colour of your choice from the Pukapuka range
What you have to do to win :: tell me what is your favorite Pukapuka mobile and become a follower on Pukapuka's blog

Winner will be announced :: Wednesday August 5 and notified by email.

Australian based architect and jeweler designer, Nina Still has let her two skills come together in these gorgeous mobiles ... Pukapuka which means "an object gently floating in space"' in Japanese is the perfect name for them and what is more relaxing for a baby or child when going to bed and looking at a mobile; the colors, the movement and shadows on the wall will bring them in a nice and relaxed mood ... please leave your comment if you would like to win one...

..Pukapuka website..
..Pukapuka blog..

Last weeks winner from the Sakura Bloom giveaway is :: Mollie from One-Chance

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#359 Bamboletta

Bamboletta...‘little doll’ in Italian, was Christina Platt's nickname throughout her childhood given to her by her father...and could their be a more appropriate name for the business she started, making beautiful handmade dolls ... true bamboletta's these dolls are, made from the best materials Christina can find. All dolls receive a friendly personality from Christina and I think this is what makes them so adorable and unique ... at bamboletta's shop you can also find other nice handmade products like the crowns in the upper left corner ...  

..bamboletta shop..
..bamboletta blog..

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Category: Great toys

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Play All Day

That the weekly craft projects by Arounna here on B:Kids last year were a huge success I already knew, and I'm glad the authors of the book Play All Day agreed with me ... they invited Arounna to share some of the projects in this incredible book. The publisher, Gestalten says the book is about documenting a collection of the most vibrant, stimulating and engaging design products and concepts for children....wow ... how fun for Arounna and me that starting working together online resulted in something like this!

{more images form the book 'Play All Day, Design for Children' by R. Klanten, S. Ehmann}
Open Invite::
Are you a interested in becoming the new 'Craft Projects Editor for B:Kids' and your are able to provide B:kids with a nice project every two weeks just get in touch with me...but please understand that I'm looking for someone who is a 'fit' with the B:Kids style...an important part of the projects are the right images and I know this can be difficult...looking forward to seeing your example of a DIY/Craft project in my inbox, irene x Sorry already found someone ... will let you know soon who it is or who they are :)

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a new boy in the house...

yes, proud to introduce you a new member of our family...Poppy, a super sweet, funny and happy little dog. It's just so wonderful to see how Lode is playing with him and try to teach him little tricks...I guess with a Beagle this isn't an easy job and for me and my husband life has begun even more busy, but we don't mind it's a relaxing new task.

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Category: Our family

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#358 TheSmallSnowShop


I have officially fallen in Love with this online shop, not that I understand a lot of French, but I think you don't have to when seeing the beautiful handmade pieces these different artists offer in their cute boutique. The Small Snow Shop are 9 creative photographers, illustrators and designers who present us a small selection of their designs , specifically around the world of childhood....her you can discover and buy unique pieces, photographs of art, clothes and each creation is made by hand by the designer herself....


..TheSmallSnowShop in english..

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Category: Online shop

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