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NieNie Dialoques


I'm saving a new mom-story for tomorrow, because today I want to dedicate this day to an incredible strong Mom ...at least once a week I make a stop on the internet to visit the astounding story and life of Nie ... Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson, who a little over one year ago returned from an almost fatal plane crash ...


Stephanie, a mom of four and wife to Mr. Nielson writes her journal with so much love and is a great example for me ... her life brings it all in perspective for me, Thank You Stephanie and here's to another year of great recovery for you! ..irene..

..Nie Dialoques..

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#368 Linea Carta


...everything from Linea Carta is very welcome in our home :) .... i love everything i see on the website, the colors, materials and illustrations are just perfect to me ... in 2007 Diva Pyari designed her first collection of paper goods and since then is bringing new forms of craft :: painting, printing, jewelry-making, clothing design, graphic design, calligraphy... her latest new linen collection is made together with the talented Gina Pericini of Flock Home. And all of the prettiest photos here are by the amazing Marc Virata.

..Linea Carta..     ..Linea Carta blog..    ..Linea Carta shop..

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#367 Alyson Beaton

Alysonbeaton Via Notes, Fawn&Forest's blog I discovered the amazing 'baby's first words letterpressed cards' by Alyson Beaton design ... the card help you to record your child's first words in a very unique way ... once recorded you can either store them in the beautiful box that comes with it or use the cards as wall-decoration!


When I searched the internet a bit more for Alyson Beaton, I ran into her website and a new project she recently started with KJ Bradley :: Grow-Book ... fantastic initiative about saving the environment and teaching your children with the help of this book ...

..baby's first words letterpressed cards..

..Alyson Beaton design..

..Grow Book..

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win a beautiful wall decal set from Lola&Ben


What can you win :: a lovely and artistic Children of the World’ New Zealand made fabric wall decals which are exclusive to Lola & Ben, based on hand painted originals, these re-positionable wall decals are beautiful and reflect the differing cultures across the world…a great talking point, celebrate diversity with your children...

What do you have to do :: sign up for Lola&Ben's newsletter and leave a comment right below

Winner will be announced :: Wednesday September 2 and notified by email.

Trina, the lovely women behind Lola&Ben would also like to offer you FREE postage on all September orders to the US/Canada over $70 NZD and all orders over $250 (NZD) are posted for FREE worldwide.

Last weeks winner from the fabulous Trifle package is :: Bree Adams!

..Lola & Ben..

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#366 making dollhouses


scrolling to one of new favorite blogs this morning, sweet sweet life from Amy and there I saw this great dollhouse Amy made with her kids using these instructions from Cookie Magazine. Amy couldn't have found better dolls for the house ... Charlie and Lola always make me laugh ... it's going to be a busy weekend for us, making handcarved stamps, making dollhouses :) nahhh won't be able to make it all, but I love showing these carft ideas with you! Thanks Amy.

..sweet sweet life..

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#365 Birds from Geninne


An ABC of Birds and sooooo beautiful, I love to see how Yvonne framed it, but more important to finally discover the fantastic work and art blog from the fabulous artist Geninne (where have I been???) Via the Style-files I found Geninne's hand-carved-stamp-tutorial which I think you dear readers might like to see too right here ... it looks so easy, the way she explains it and what the result looks like, I definitely have to give it a try too.


..Geninne's shop..

..Geninne's blog..

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