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Win Piles of Fabric today from Volksfaden

Wednesday, 9 September 2009 by Irene Hoofs


What can you win :: a fantastic "Going Back to School" FABRIC package from my favorite fabric shop Volksfaden, the package includes three sewing patterns and five meters of fabric and ribbon. (winner may pick the three patterns and fabric)
What do you have to do :: leave a comment telling us what your favorite Fabric label at Volksfaden
Winner will be announced :: Wednesday 16 September and notified by email.

Linda is the founder of Volksfaden and she and I are working together for a couple of years already and I can only tell you how friendly, warm and nice she is as a person and her shop is just the best! So this giveaway makes me really happy ... enter enter enter and try to win!

Last weeks winner from the Aesop's Fables Poster from Ink+Wit is :: Sibora

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Wow an awesome website, i love the Stenzo line!! So much fun and vibrance!

my wife is into sewing. What do yo recommend for a Christmas present?

I like Anna Maria Horner. The colors and prints are beautiful.

what a wonderful giveaway!!!!!! I'd love to have these for projects with my girlies.

Too much to choose from. But, if I must: I love the prints from Erin McMorris, the colors are just perfect and the prints from Erin Michael make me smile.

Volksfaden offers a great diversity in fabrics. Good shop. The Giant Octopi and Swimm class of Heather Ross make me smile, thats funny about fabric.

I really like the anna maria horner. thanks

I love the Erin McMorris designs, so bright and cheerful!

I also adore the fabrics of Heather Ross. So whimsical & original. I have bought them from shops around Sydney but now I know where to get them online! I would love to make a simple shirt dress with buttons up the front with her Giant Octopi Aqua. Hedy x

I love, love the work of Etsuko Furuya! fantastic colour combination, so vivid. The subject matter is always fresh and unusual. So beautiful!

What a great shop! I love Paula Prass :-)

Loving Prints Charming - and those "70's cars"! Makes me remember the clothes of my childhood...

I love Michael Miller's. So whimsy!

Am I in time? I hope so, because this is such a nice give-away! I really like the fabrics of heather ross most.

It just has to be the japanese fabrics for me. The crazyness of Pig Circles in mad and fantastic. I can think of a dozen projects for that one!!

love love love Erin McMorris's fabrics

I adore the Japanses prints, so cute!

I believe my favorite is Anna Maria Horner. I just love her designs and colors that she uses.

I love Amy Butler fabrics. She's my favourite fabric designer.
And this is a great giveaway!

I love Heather Ross and also Brandon Mably! :-)

Love anything by Heather Ross

Love anything by Heather Ross

Just adore the japanese fabrics by etsuko furuyaavailable on volksfaden!

oooh, such a hard choice! I do love Amy Butler though, so very pretty and I could think of a million things to do with her gorgeous stuff!

I definitely adore the Prints charming line.

Alexander Henry's Spotted Owls.

So many gorgeous fabrics to choose from !!!! I do especially love Anna Maria Horner fabrics.

What a great selection -- I love those organic solids from Marcus.

Oh, the japanese prints, for sure!

I'm so impressed by all the lovely fabrics you carry but I must say I am totally in love with Michael Miller fabrics!

the fabrics of Alexander Henry truely rock my heart!

i'm a sucker for anything anna maria horner, but am not terrible picky! i love it all!


I'm going to have to stand by Denyse Schmidt for designs that I always love. Speaking of design, the Volksfaden web design is fantastic.

i love the fabrics by joel dewberry, heather ross and tina givens.how exating your giveaway, auk

I love the simplicity of the black and whites, so i would have to go with that :)

I like the Brandon Mabley collection. I make plush and these fabrics would be great!

what a great shop! I love the momo line. Thanks for sharing!

Denyse Schmidt's fabric is so beautiful, modern and retro all at the same time. I can imagine a house/closet full of projects for these prints. Choosing one is VERY difficult. I also love the new Swedish Hens from Kokka! Too cute.

That had me drooling over their website..! I love the Denyse Schmidt fabrics - very hard to choose though, there are so many wonderful ones!

Thank you for the chance of taking part!

i love the Black and White!! The fabrics are wonderful. I hadn't seen them before. So creative!

What a wonderful giveaway! If I am not too late, I would love to enter. Thank you so much!

What a great fabric shop _ it was my first time there - and I was spoilt for choice. If I have to choose a favourite it would be Echino collection by Etsuko Furuya. I've coveted it for ever but still don't have any.
Thanks for a great and very generous giveaway!

My favourite is Tina Givens. Have a fascination with birds right now, and I adore the prints and colours, beautiful!

Japanese prints are always so unique and fun!

I adore the Prints Charming range, and Heather Ross, but they are all lovely!

I like "Aspire Peppercorn". It is so funy. :)

So many favourites, but I truly love Patty Youngs Stained Glass Lime and Gothic Wave Leaf because they remind me of a bedcover my mother once made me, with this kind on fabric on one side and a pale pink on the other side. Most of all, I admire the black and white photos with fabrics on it for each label. Beautiful!

Am loving the URBAN CHIKS, great giveaway am so pleased to find your site!!

Hard to tell, as I really like Linda's selection and adore the way she designed her shop. But most of all I like her selling organic fabrics with nice designs, too.

I'm definitely in love with the japanese prints. They are so cute and they bring me my happy chilhood days back

My favorite is Dots sunshine from Denyse Schmidt, I love her designs!

I didn't know this shop. I like that they're taking b&w pictures and adding some of the fabric to them. ^^ The Stenzo one looks really great!
They have lots of great fabrics, it's hard to pic a favourite. I'll say Patty Young because I love the colors she uses and Alexander Henry because they have some great prints.
Thank you for this giveaway!

My favorite fabric is Heather Ross.

I love the beautiful artwork on the Volksfaden site! One of my favorite fabric labels there is Lecien. Thank you!

Wow, what a fabulous collection. I loved browsing through everything. I love the Echino line, especially the double gauze called Forest. Thanks for such a fun giveaway.

Love the fruit and chickens in Robert Kaufman!

I think I would choose down under....so hard!

Alexander Henry because I bought some fabric with yellow birds on it and love it!

I love Heather Ross and Prints Charming and of course Amy Butler. Cool website!

It is really hard to decide -- all the lines and fabrics are so fantastic. I think though that maybe Robert Kaufman takes the cake.

Loving the Urban Chiks range. The retro rose fabrics look so fresh and make me think apple-picking, home-making, 1950's American movies which is very much suiting my mood at this time of year.

Fantastic giveaway!!
I've been checked the fabrics on Volksfaden, and well is difficult to choose only one. All the designers she has on the store are wonderful. But if I Have to choose one maybe it will erin mcmorris.
Thanks for a great giveaway,


I would have to say that Joel Dewberry's fabrics are my favorite! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

I like Patty Young's collection, in particular the Mod Blooms Corduroy - gorgeous.
Lovely website and thanks for the giveaway.

WOW! what an amazing choice. Hard to pick just one, but I'm leaning towards Down Under. Great to see a fellow Aussie out there.

i love all the bright colors and vivid prints! my favorite is red riding hood, and i think i would make a jumper from it.

I am crazy for the Mod Bean Pod right now. So perfect for so many projects around the home.

Thanks for the fun giveaway!


If I must pick one, Anna Maria Horner it is. But I love me some Alexander Henry, and Heather Ross, and, and...

I love them all !
But if I really have to chose, I would go for the Japanese Prints.
I just adore 'Forest Aqua' !

Brandon Mably, hands down. Definitely stands out from the rest!

I love anything in Echino - the cars, the vespa, anything. I've made some great art sets out of the cars print - great for guys who don't want to walk around with a "girly" looking art bag.

I think I would have to say Kokka fabrics, but I also love Echino.

Juicy // happy ** graphic ++ flowered -- dotted """ sunny // surprising :: joyeux ** sensible = souvenirs ** grandmother // pink ++ fresh // lovable! :: tonique -- vivid ** revitalizing :: optimist ** Festival Tangerine by Anna Maria Horner


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