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Win from TskTsk

Wednesday, 25 November 2009 by Irene Hoofs
What can you win ::
a pack of 6 greeting cards including 4 Christmas designs by the lovely Tiel from TskTsk 2010 Christmas range PLUS an original paper sewn collage of ‘Schmookins’.
What do you have to do :: just sign up for the mailing list from TskTsk and leave a comment below.

Winner will be announced :: Wednesday December 2 and notified by email.


Last weeks winner from the lovely Owl print giveaway is :: Caroline

..TskTsk website..
..TskTsk webshop..

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These are all so pretty!

I {heart} BloesemKids!

love love love it!!!

I would love to win - I love sending cards and these are so unique!

Love it, like it, wanna have it :-))

Lovely giveaways.. Love the design on the cards

so beautiful!!

How very sweet!

Wonderful, I would love to win!

I signed up. Thank you!!

so sweet.

Gorgeous things - so glad to have found you!

Love love love tsk tsk. So cute, as usual. LOVE!

these are just wonderful and dreamy! thanks to bloesom for pointing me here! just signed up too, thx ^_^

tiel is as kind and she is talented and beautiful. I love her art.

Signed up. I love their little plush dolls too and their holiday cards are gorgeous. Thanks so much.

I'm a big fan of Tsk Tsk! What a generous giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Who hoo! lovely.

Beautiful cards !
I love them !!

Great giveaway!

I love those cards! So cute!

oh! so very sweet.

I'd like to win because that's just the way I am.

I love the aussie stamp! Is it wattle? A beautiful combination of colours.

Id love to win these

Lovely lovely cards!
Winning those would make my day!

yeay, I signed up, these are lovely!

ooh, what lovely cards!

Absolutely beautiful! Stunning work...

those cards are lovely and that collage is adorable.

How adorable! I love the collage and the cards!

signed up + have fingers crossed. :D

Just too cute. Love them.

Gorgeous work as usual....I especially love Schmookins...how very cute.

Im in - Love them!

i love that collage. it would be great for my baby's nursery.

What a gorgeous prize, how lovely it would be to win!

I have just returned from a primary school art show...the talent was amazing, art teachers are incredible and inspirational to students. The designers of products on this site must have had very inspirational teachers.

So lovely. I especially like the little postage stamp detail on Schmookins.

I read this article, This post was so great. Thanks for sharing.

I hope I win these lovely cards! TskTsk, I visited your website and your red owls are too cute. :)

super cute! i'm all signed up!

Lovely indeed, like all the work by tsk tsk!

Schmookins looks like the type of personality that would fit in our family just perfect!

wow, i would really love to win these cards for christmas.

its my first time here at this blog and im loving it!!!

Love her work. I've signed up & might just have to purchase some in case I don't win. Thanks


hi everyone, if you are trying to get the mailing list to work from my site and it doesn't seem to, well don't worry, because I am getting all the details in my inbox.


gorgeous cards! Just stunning.

I can't get the mailing list to work either :(

I love Tiel's stuff... I have been known to buy a few every so often! Cheers for a GREAT giveaway!

love the babushkas.
had trouble so emailed the site instead

I want these!

These are gorgeous!

I tried to sign up but it wouldn't work - page not found?

thanks so far everyone. I don't know why some of you are having trouble with the contact form and others not, but I have checked and all those that said they have had trouble, I have received their details, so all good at my end.

I'll follow this one up with my techno guy!

yay! those are very cute!

Beautiful cards!!!!!


WOW!I love the collage so much!Hope I win! *cross fingers*

Nice cards!
I looooove them all!

Very nice things. I registered at Tsk, Tsk thanks.

thank you very much for this lovely giveaway ...

So cute! Hope I win...

gorgeous cards

I couldn't get the mailing list to work either.

beautiful work! :)

*Joy* - that's a thing of beauty... The email list form is not working, though - be back to try again later!

I've never seen a collage print like that before, it's gorgeous.

but the mailing list form doesn't work...

They are adorable!

Me me, please pick me up!
Cartoline fantastiche!

absolutely lovely - I love it!

i love the work of Tsk Tsk. it's wonderfull!

These are soooo beautiful!!!

Great giveaway! Those cards are gorgeous.


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