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Christmas is here...


Yes it's almost Christmas...I just finished reading this story to Lode and he is so excited that it's very difficult for him to go to sleep, I remember this very well from when I was a child and now I'm a mom, unbelievable how fast it goes... This year my Christmas will be a bit different...normally I would spend this precious time with my parents, my in-laws and other family, but this year it's just me and my own small family, my dear husband and our two beautiful boys.


Of course I will miss my family in the Netherlands dearly but I'm so looking forward to the special days with just the four of us... we will play some games, watch a Christmas movie enjoy the delicious things we bought and of course I'm looking forward seeing a smile on my son's face when he can open his present ... a pirate costume that he has been asking for for such a long time...luckily for me I found these super-nice Christmas gift tags for FREE at the lovely shop from Cristina, Haciendo El Indio,.that I'm going to use, just click here you can download and print them, thanks Cristina!

I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and hope you will be able to enjoy, get some rest, be happy and cherish these special days with your loved ones ... I'm going to take a short break and will be back in 2010 so hope to see you  back around the fourth of January...

ps. if you enjoyed BloesemKids during 2009 and would like to VOTE for B:Kids at Apartment Therapy's Homies Award then please do so right here, you would make me a very happy women : ) Thank you!
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#423 Homemade Happiness ... free poster


Have you ever heard of Homemade Happiness? Two very nice ladies from the Netherlands, Carolina and Diana, offer you super nice digital print packages for all kinds of parties or special celebrations like Christmas. The illustrations are so much fun to look at and children will definitely enjoy Christmas breakfast even more when you use place-mats or cake toppers like these ...

Especially for the B:Kids readers Homemade Happiness would like to offer you their brilliant 'To Wish List' poster for FREE! On the list you can write down your five most important wishes or goals for 2010...

I also love the iron-on winter woodland print and of course the Pirate party hats! Printing the Homemade Happiness files will surely make your party different and special letting your children help you make everything will add to homemade feel! Enjoy...


..To Wish List Poster for FREE..
..Homemade Happiness online shop..
..Homemade Happiness blog..

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Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday my dear friend Vivien invited Lode and me to a Gingerbread House decorating party at her home ...so we bought the Ikea gingerbread DIY kit and we started...Lode was wearing his pirate costume and being surrounded by  7 princesses the party could not go wrong. The moms enjoyed seeing their little ones decorating the houses, a very relaxing and nice morning to start this Christmas week..


Of course I did some searching on the net this morning for other gingerbread houses and soon I discovered Stephanie Levy her houses which she made with her girls, thanks for the lovely images Stephanie...and via ohdeedoh I found this Modern Gingerbread house...I love it! Ohdeedoh also showed this gingerbread home from Hometta with free instructions right here...

During the party Vivien told me that she often uses Martha Stewarts website for craft projects...one lady asked us who Martha Stewart was and you can image in me being a bit surprised thinking everybody in the whole world knows who the queen of crafts is...so for you who don't know please let me introduce this fabulous website to you and find all the craft projects you can wish for!

Tomorrow I will be back with one more post for Christmas...

The Winners from Giveaway #8, 9 and 10 are ::
#8 giveaway from Lulu Carter:: Kristin
#9 giveaway from KLT Works :: Susanne
#10 giveaway from B:Kids :: Maureen and Laurie

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I love this Christmas wreath, found via rather nice, it was made by anna or Heidi from one of my favorite craft blogs, pickles, the wreath comes with a tutorial, I hope you will be in time to order the felted balls...


The Winners from Giveaway #6 and #7 are ::

Banquet Giveaway #6 is ::  Nikko Moy

Children Inspire Design giveaway #7 is :: Wendy from timblenest

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Happy news for Bloesem today and for these lucky winners...

Thank you all for leaving your very nice comments, the winners are ::

Sarah Jane Studios Giveaway #3 is ::  Megan Berry

Wendi Gratz giveaway #4 is ::  Kaylan

Sweetpea Baby Giveaway #5 is ::  Caroline Kaye

Monday I will announce the winners for the Giveaways #6-#10

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Perhaps you have already seen a special Tour that I'm hosting on Bloesem since last week...it's called the Let's Get Personal Tour in which I have asked famous Dutch designers to anser some questions about themselves and show some images of their own design-homes...today Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin from KidsOnRoof are my guest...their home is gorgeous and of course so are their incredible award winning designs for children too, so I had to share this today...

Please have a look right here...


..Let's Get Personal on Bloesem..


{Thank you all for leaving your comments at the #2 Giveaway :: and Olli&Lime has chosen  A.J as the winner}

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