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bows, bows and more bows with Tavi


Wtw_tavi Did 13 year old Tavi aka (famous) Style Rookie bring new life to the Bow? A while back I heard about this girls blog and am having so much fun reading her hilarious posts ...but Tavi is not just a girl wearing she is reagrded as a true fashion icon already by many BIG fashion names ... well today she had me inspired to find more  'BOW'fashion for your girl... :: La petite luce vintage silk bows :: FarahBoww dress from Baby Bean :: A bow cape from Marie et Rose-Alice :: lovely bow pins from magic alice ::


Luella jacket at Orfeo :: Bow hairband from Lupin made :: Bow T-shirt by Shirin Kids :: Baobap Bow dress::

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Category: Fashion for kids

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...a somewhat different Win On Wednesday today ... the giveaway I'm hosting today is on Bloesem, but it is absolutely worth to go and visit because you can try and win a gift certificate of USD 50.- for a shopping spree at the lovely paper shop Ginko ... shock-full with Japanese masking tape, great Shinzi Kato items and these lovely pencils above...just click here and leave your comment on Bloesem, we will announce the winner next week on Wednesday, Good Luck!

Last Weeks winner from the Stool Tess giveaway is :: Lola from Madrid

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Category: Giveaways

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This great craft idea from Khali this week makes me think of so many books I would love to turn into little artworks too ... have fun with choosing your own book and make a scrap paper collage like this...

Please click here to see how Khali has done it...


..Craft Projects..

..Little. Lovely...

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#444 co.zen


oh how like this wooden cutlery set from co.zen ... that i found via spoon and tamago... when trying to order two sets for my sons online I bumped into this completely Japanese website that didn't even allow me to translate it via google, but I'm not that easily stopped ... so i have sent the shop a message and hopefully they will respond ...


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Category: Food for kids

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#443 wee see


Not often do I show images of our home, because I'm a terrible photographer and my images don't bring much good to B:Kids unless it really makes a difference in convincing you of something good ...like today when I share with you my feelings about the dvd's from Wee See...


Yes these two dvd's don't bring you a story, nor is there any color but it DOES attracts my 4 year's old attention and makes him curious what happens next... normally he prefers Peter Pan, Robin Hood and Tarzan but somehow Wee See inspires him and more important it calms him down. I expected the dvd to be for my 1 year old son (and yes he likes it too) but it happens to be a lot of fun for Lode ... Wee See is a collection of black-and-white animations built from basic shapes, you can read all about the genius creators right here and you can order here...

..Wee See..

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Category: Inspiration

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#342 wild life prints

I know it's Monday and you might be wondering when will there be another Open House Tour or Mom-Story... unfortunately not this week, but please be a bit patient with me, I'm working very hard on new tours and stories...if you would like to submit images of your home, please shoot me an email right here...


But this week I will have some super nice new things for you and I'm sure you don't mind me starting today with these super fun Wild Life prints by Nova Scotia based photographer Jeff Friesen, who loves tree-climbing, wave-jumping part and is an award winning photgrapher!

..WIld Life prints..
..Jeff Friesen..

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Category: Poster and Prints

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