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Win this dotted dress from hootbaby...

What can you win :: your
choice... a Picnic Shirtwaist for a girl or knickerbocker and applique tee for a boy (available sizes 18m, 2t, 3T, 4, 5 and 6)

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us what your favorite item from the Picnic collection is.

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday April 7 and notified by email.

The lovely Melissa from Hoot baby also would like to offer a 20% discount to you between Mar 31-April 15.  Code: bkids at checkout

..Hoot baby..

..Melissa's blog..

WInner from the Lillipops giveaway is :: Alison English

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#451 Rockid


Isn't this a great idea softly swinging, reading a book or singing a lullaby while your baby falls asleep. When the baby has grown to big for the cradle, it is possible to reconstruct the rockid into a single rocking chair.... great design by ontwerpduo from the Netherlands and images by Marly Gommans.


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Category: Furniture for kids

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#450 my rocking wardrobe


I bought some new shirts for my boys yesterday, this Indian and super-hero's t-shirts will definitely bring a big smile on Lode's face when he sees them...'my rocking wardrobe' is a recently opened online boutique that has a passion for everything Japanese and Korean, funky clothes!


... I also love their selection girls' accessories, and especially the bunny clips, but no need for them in this house, perhaps something for you to let your girl look super cute!

..my rocking wardrobe..

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Las Vegas may not be the first city that comes to mind when thinking of funky crafts and artistic families, but as of today that will change completely... Kirsten Cram and her family will make you see this desert city (that glows in a distant dark when you approach at night on the highway I vividly recall from my trip to Vegas years ago, quite an amazing sight...) in a completely different light.. Kirsten's Mom-Story is very inspirational and I am sure you will fall in love with her beautiful illustrations...

Please click here to read Kristen's Mom Story...



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What do children wear around the globe...


* Posted by Wiebke from Line+Live

I love to sit on the windowsill, in front of the house or in the street café and watch the hustle and bustle on the street. I think that every street, every place and every moment can be honest and inspiring.

For B:Kids "What to wear today" I have invited 4 beautiful women and asked them to look for us out of their windows and have asked them: "Please take a look at the street: What is very special about the (school) children in your city?" Perhaps also connected with the small desire of mine to be able to just look at these streets of these cities at some point myself.

Today please meet Tami Nguyen Rael and Miriam Bernstein:


Tami (Nguyen Rael) is designer and owner from the kids fashion label ismodern and lives with her family in New York City :
"Children in New York City are very lucky.  They live in a city that is diverse, vibrant, eclectic, bustling, and cultured but yet daunting, impersonal, noisy and crowded.  These good and bad exposures create independent, confident, and tolerant mini citizens.  That is the hope."


Miriam Berstein is one of three sister, who founded the charming Israeli label Ada Ada. She lives in Tel Aviv/Israel:
"In Israel as a whole and especially in Tel Aviv (which is a very hot and humid city) the weather plays a big part of what we wear. The Tel Avivian children find creative, beautiful and funny ways to handle the heat and humidity which rule for the majority of the year. You can see them for example wearing extra big clothes of their siblings and fold them endless folds so they fit them in length but hardly touch them. Because they dislike hats (apparently it is no longer "cool" once your past 6 years old) they take old, worn out shirts of their parents and rap them around their heads (like the "CAFIA" from the Arabic culture). So in general you can see that they use their imagination, are influenced from cultures that are masters of dealing with heat- all to keep a little bit of chillness and their own chick. :)"

* Posted by Wiebke from Line+Live

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Category: Fashion for kids

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Are you already preparing your home for the Easter celebrations? How about asking your kids to help you decorate this year for Easter by making happy rabbit cozies for the eggs...Khali explains you in just a few steps how easy it is to make them!

Please click here to see this weeks craft project...

..Little. Lovely...

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