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You can win 4 items from June Craft's shop

Wednesday, 26 May 2010 by Irene Hoofs


What can you win :: 1 Mabel doll + 1 long dog doll + 1 retro wiener dog print + 1 sewing supplies print all from June craft, an absolute favorite of mine :)

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us what your favorite item from June craft is.

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday June 2 and notified by email.

..June craft..
..June craft blog..

I received so many nice responses to my call for new giveaways that I can promise you many many nice things can be won during the next months on Wednesdays!

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The retro weiner print and the long weiner dog. I cannot believe you are giving them away! i LOVE them. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! omg you seriously don't know how obsessed i am with the WEINER DOG THINGS! they are SOOO adorable!! I have the perfect spot in my room!!

I love them all but especially her calendar downloads. Thanks for the giveaway!

that mabel doll is the cutest doll I ever did see... I just hope I'm not too late to enter!!

Ooooh - I love the pear print fabric!

By far, my favorite design of yours is the little wiener dog. So, naturally, I love Monsieur Norman. The cute pint of him, on the bright, textured yellow paper.

i've had my eye on a couple of her long dog kits for my boys. love them. and the folksy look of all her prints. but my fave has got to be her monthly desk top calendars she posts on her blog. such a happy addition to my computer space!
love, lindsay

i love cheeky bird banner no.2!

Can I enter from the UK? Difficult to choose a favourite item but I must say that Folky Patchwork Print - Yellow and Brown it is by far my favourite!

Oh please can I enter from the uk? I so love the Bashful doll, but it is all so wonderful, thankyou for introducing us!

I love the Make Your Own Long Dog Kit.
So cute! ;)

I love the little wieny dogs!!!

Wow I love it all! But I think the long dog toy as my little boy would love it, he is sausage dog mad for some reason x

I adore the Bashful Mabel Doll.

I adore everything! But what caught my eye most was the beautiful retro quilt, what better to give fabric remnants a second life as a beautiful patchwork quilt!

Love the weiner dog kit!What a great give away,good luck everyone!

I have a wiener dog from Kayanna and absolutely adore it!
And I am totally in love with LongDog Kit :)

I have always wanted a sausage dog,and those stuffed ones are perfect,cute as without the mess,love them!!

Love those forest friends finger puppets!

I also love all the items in your store. But most of all, I love the cheeky banners that she created!

i love the beautiful prints!

the Cheeky Bird Banner!!
love it :)

so cute! I love June craft's finger puppets and retro cup print.

Long dog is just gorgeous, it's my favourite. xxxx

i love the beautiful prints! oh and the bibs!!!

Hi - I like all the items from June - but for now I would choose the Art Bib - Folky Flowers, for my just born twin cousin and nice

Well, aside from EVERYTHING? I love those screen printed pears.

I love the finger puppets, but really I love everything she does. My desktop is even by her!

Me and my three-year-old daughter Hedvig are totally in love with the long dog doll! Marvellous!!

I love the "Make Your Own LongDog" Kit, it such a simple pretty project!
Maybe I will win it :)

thank you!

I really like the red long dog pattern, so cute!

Hi, I just can't go past the Bashful Mabel doll - she is so cute! Although, I do love the Monsieur Norman prints, too...

I fell in love with the long dog doll but I really like the Scandinavian gocco print and the finger puppets, too. Those forest friends are too cute. :)

I love the Make Your Own Long Dog kit. Cuties!

Definitely the long dog [or sausage dog, as I would know it.]

I love Mabel and the crafty digi print and the quilt and the fabric panels and...and... OK, I just love all of her stuff!

The Retro Wiener Dog Digital Print. My fiance's mother breeds miniature dacshunds and the print is a lovely representation of their personalities!

I love the green sewing supplies print!

The organic finger puppets are so precious!

The long dogs, the finger puppets and lovely Mabel. All great.

PRECIOUS!!!! I have three mini weens, black and tan, tan and piebald so I'll have to choose the three ween pups as my fave but everything is ADORABLE!

Love JuneCraft's work! The Mabel doll is very sweet. And the long dog is so flippin' cute!

I just love the happy scrap lap quilt. And the bibs would be perfect for my little brothers soon-to-be-born baby.
And, I think, this give-away would be perfect for me... ;-D

All of the weiner dog pieces are my favorites.

The long dog dolls are precious!

Arrghhh! that make your own wiener dog is too cute and the cheeky bird banner too - I've got just the spot for those goodies in my new house:)

I'm in loooooove with the make your own long dog kit! The fabric is so cute! *_*

I wouldn't really want to choose just one, because I love them all, but the Scandinavian print design really appeals to me.

Definitely the Folky Patchwork Print in red and blue!

What a great shop! I love pretty much everything but absolute fav is the mabel doll.

love love the bashful mabel doll and the finger puppets...

I love, love, love the sewing supplies print. I hope, hope, hope I win!

The Mabel doll and the finger puppets!!! Too cute!

I like the three little dogs.


tesskcarter (at) gmail (dot) com

I love the Mabel doll!!

love the "make you own longdog kits"!! So cute!

I love the red long dog pattern, adorable!

the dolls are beautiful, but I like Recycled Happy Scrappy Lap Quilt best!

These are adorable. Thanks for the opportunity to win AND for the link to their web site. I see some shopping in my near future.

I love your doll! sooo great!

I really love everything, but the long dogs are my favorites. LOVE dashchunds!

I love the DIY long dog fabrics! The dogs are adorable.

The long dog and doll silkscreen are wonderful. I like this objets because I have stem of female child.
I'm sorry, my english is bad.

I can't say enough about my love of June Craft and they ultra-sweet Kayanna. I love everything she makes. I will pick her mabel doll, but that's just today's fav! Love Bloesem. Love June Craft Mwha!

I like the
Bashful Mabel Dolls very much.

I had a wiener dog when I was a kid! Love them. I really like the cheeky bird banner.

That's fun! I'm in. And I like the Folky Patchwork Print - Yellow and Brown the most :)

both of the cheeky bird banners are sooo cute! :]

oh,can I say I love them all? Because I do! Love the dolls especially.

I love the OOAK Recycled Happy Scrappy Lap Quilt, the fabric choices are beautiful.

It's ALL about the organic cotton finger puppets for me!

I love the Make Your Own Long Dog kit. So sweet!

Finger puppets!

Oooo...this shop is already in my favorites. I love the long dog and Mabel doll!!

I think I have to go with the retro cups print, but everything in the shop is fantastic! Just marked it a favorite. :)


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