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#497 down home amy


down home amy makes these very sweet baby goods. I love her illustrations and the way she prints them on basic colored backgrounds. Amy also has a nice line of household goods and all the printing and sewing is done in her studio on the east-side of Vancouver, Canada. You can visit either her blog, shop or website to get a good feel of her work.

..down home amy..
..down home amy blog..
..down home amy shop..

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#496 patchwork pillow tutorial by wren handmade


This truly is the most beautiful handmade patchwork pillow I have seen and the good news is that it comes with a fantastic tutorial...yes the super talented Laura Normandin made it and this lovely lady gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, named Leo, just two weeks ago...Congratulations!


And look at the great onesies baby Leo can start wearing...al nice presents Laura got...they are from the winterwaterfactory, i love the blue and white one in the uper right corner. have to do a post soon about this great label.

..wren handmade blog..
..wren handmade shop..
..patchwork pillow tutorial..

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Category: DIY for Kids

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#495 plastisock wall pocket in our room


Hello everybody...I'm really looking forward to a new week, starting with a picture of our own home...I finally got a change to hang our plastisock wall pocket in the boys bedroom...I bought it over at ittikid a long time ago and I'm still very happy with it, perhaps even more now when it's actually hanging on the wall. I'm a big plastisock fan. The bold graphics and colors with a Scandinavian tradition really appeal to me. Of course I love to combine the strong prints with softer and more basic items. Lode also loves to wear his robot shirt and the Lions...and I must say as a mum I'm very pleased with the quality of the materials! Plastisock was created in 2005 by Malin Jarbo and Emily Willman.


I have placed some of my own old theather puppets...not all, becasue some of them were so scary looking. Can't believe I actually dare toplay with them when I was a child :) and if you curious to know which books are hanging there then click here and here :)

..plastisock at ittikid..
..plastisock in the Netherlands..

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Category: Poster and Prints

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#494 fall issue of the Modern Handmade Child


Are you already familiar with this great online magazine ... Modern Handmade Child...? if not then please click her for the latest fall issue and enjoy a wealth of handmade products, many links to creative people, recipes, a DIY tutorial ideas of how to start a bookclub. I randomly picked some images of handmade items from the magazine that I really like. Modern Handmade Child is a seasonal online publication founded by Gretchen Jakub Fabre and Shannon Hanley (who some of you might know from the EtsyKids Team) in early spring 2009. Their main mission is to share their passion for the 'handmade' with you.

..Modern Handmade Child..
..fall 2010 issue..
..previous issues..

{ps. yes I'm back in Kuala Lumpur...and very happy to be in our own home again. Of course we are all a bit jet-lagged from our flight but almost back in our normal routine :) just one pst for this week, thank you all for being patient, next week many nice post a new Win on Wednesday and a What to Wear, new Mom Stories are in the make. Wish you a lovely weekend}

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Category: Read it

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Dear all, this is just to let you know that I won't be able to share any posts with you this week...my last week in the Netherlands is just to hectic and yesterday an angry mirgaine came and visit me ... i'm feeling much better today but I believe it's better to take it a bit slow...hope you understand

Next week a new Win on Wednesday and last weeks winner from the Showler and Showler giveaway is :: Estelle

Hope to see you back on Monday! irene xoxo

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some things I liked this week...


this traffic bunting from nickynackynoo found via this nice blog


these new prints from Ruka Ruka...


my vintage finds in thrift-stores last week here in the Netherlands...

Wish you a lovely weekend, I'm off to AMSTERDAM....and hope to visit some wonderful kids shops! Irene xoxo

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