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What to Wear Today... Kutie Protocol

Thursday, 16 September 2010 by Irene Hoofs



Posted by Hayley from .little pinwheel

Let me tell you a story…. A new denim label has just launched this week into Australia. A brand that believes in a lot more then just their denim, they believe in the future; the future for little people in less fortunate countries then ours. Introducing Kutie Protocol

the new movement in children’s fashion. There is more to see then just another pair of jeans for your little people. This denim is like grown up fashion shrunk to their size, and each piece is unisex! The denim range is made with little effect on the environment with firstly cutting out the transport of the jeans. This means the denim is made with local textiles in Columbia, using recycled water and non-toxic dyes, and by using a manufacturer that produces less CO2 emissions.


There are big things happening in the next month for Kutie Protocol, and I am so happy and quite proud to be a part of such a big movement.  They will launch their first fund raising initiative towards helping children through the label. More will be released through their website, through Bloesem Kids, and through Little Pinwheel in the coming weeks. You can find their first range in store now at Little Pinwheel and read all about their amazing movement into the children’s fashion industry through their website.


..Kutie Protocol..

..available here..

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Perhaps Kellie from BB+++ will!

wow these are great jeans! hope a dutch retailer will pick up this brand really soon!


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