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Win 2 shirts of your your own choice from PLUTO...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010 by Irene Hoofs


What can you win :: Any 2 of these happy shirts of your own choice from the PLUTO ... the littlest planet!

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment stating which print you like best from PLUTO ... the littlest planet! 

Giveaway is open until Tuesday 21 September and the winner will be announced on Wednesday September 22 and notified by email.

Ellen, the nice lady behind Pluto also would like to OFFER all the BKids readers a second t-shirt from her shop for FREE is you buy one...just indicate the one for free in the "Message to Seller" box at the etsy shop...that is generous isn't it! This offer end at Wednesday 22 September.

Last weeks winner from the Once upon a Time giveaway is :: Amy M.

..PLUTO ... the littlest planet!..
..Pluto online shop..

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Definately the little strollin in Chicago print. We are planning a trip to Chicago next year, our first overseas venture and my four year old little gal would look like a bonafide traveller in this little beauty.

Love the balloon one and the alligator one!

I love the Beatles one and the balloons! Really cute shirts!

I like the balloon boy, though I must admit the diaper pins with the skull is very clever and cute!

My favorite in their shop is the Birdies Orange Yellow tee shirt.

i'd love the grrrr t-shirt for my baby boy

We stroll our little baby boy in Chicago everyday. So cool!

See ya later alligator- so cute!

Oops! The two prints I like (couldn't pick just one): The Grrr and splat designs!

Love this line! These designs always seem to catch my eye! I love the modern graphics and prints that make my little one way "too cool" for preschool!

I love the I Stroll NY tee! what a fun shop!

i love the propeller boy tee and the one with the beatles!

pretty cool indeed!

The ballon boy is too cute but I wouldn't mind getting one from Chicago;) Happy weekend!

I like the "I heart pink" tee - but all are very clever :)

I love the motorcycle tees- both of my kids are really enamored with those machines (I hope this passes sometime in the next 10 years!).

my fav is the Elephant and Dove design.


They are so cute! BABY SKULLS pink tee! Thats my favourite :)

i love the grrrrrr tees!!! my kids probably would like the big sister / big brother t-shirt...

The Hi t-shirt is lovely - uni-sex and funky - and sure to generate positive vibes where-ever you go! Bring on the smiles xx.

VROOOM for sure! Diego likes bikes...and what kid doesn't like to make motorcycle noises?!

My boy loves balloons and he would look great in the Balloon Boy tee... that's the one I like! :)

i like the balloon boy tees and the bird in trees

so many favorites its tough to choose. I love the david copperfield CHapter 1, I am born onesie.

I love the I heart NY stroller! Genius!

I love the "I stroll NY" tee.

i stroll chicago hands down! the pacifist one is pretty adorable as well though.

Only 2! How can you choose?
I love the balloon boy and I stroll NY though, so cute!

Loving the grrrr shirt, very cool!

So cute and fun

Vroom! and Grrr! Great shirts!

lots of goodies but it is hard to resist the charm of the see ya later tee!

I really like the I strill NY t-shirts.

Thanks for the chance!!


the balloon boy tee is so cute!

Love the "goo goo" onesie! Very funny and clever.

I love the Destroyer tee! So cute and so fitting of my little one some days!

See Ya Later with the alligator is my fav.

see ya later tee shirt is really fun!!!

I like see ya later!

Those shirts are great, so fun!

My daughter's name is Wren so of course I love the Birdies print the best!

Living in Chicago I love the stroller chicago but balloon boy is pretty darn cute too!

the GRRR one is perfect!

I love the Propellor Boy shirt. Simple and cute!

I love the Birdies Orange Yellow tee shirt, it is so cute!

My favorite is the elephant and dove. So sweet.

of course the "I Scream" tee shirt :)

LOVE the birdies purple shirt and the elephant and dove :-)
soooooooooo much!

i love the birdies print...
fingers crossed!
cool giva away!

Fun designs! I especially like the "Goo goo" onesie design...would be perfect for our new little guy since hubby and I are always searching the net! :)

Hooo loves you baby! OR
Made Ya Look! they definitely made me smile! Thanks for the giveaway!

I love the elephant and the dove, too sweet!

Love the orignal prints!

I love the See Ya Later shirt.. My little guy has just started saying "See ya alligator!" to us which is hysterical! He's not even 2 yet!

I love them all! I like the Tots tee :)

LOVE the elephant and the dove! The birdies are my second favorite.

I love the I Stroll Brooklyn one! My husband is from Brooklyn, and our baby boy loves visiting his grandparents in Brooklyn.

I love the elephant and dove for my daughter and the Grrr for my son. The "I stroll" t-shirts are adorable too. What a great shop!

I love the Grrrrr tee shirt !

Actually love the Grrrr! one for my dino boy.

I like the BALLOON BOY orange tee.

everytime i think i decided i see antother one i like. i think i like most the "i heart bugs" for my daughter and the "rockstar" for my little boy.
and now i have to post my comment quickly!!!

only 2?! man, I love the Propeller Boy and the See Ya Later shirts. Too cute!!

The Birdies & See Ya Later Gator shirts! Fun, fun!

My favourite band has a song called "Alligator", so I'd love to dress our little boy in a shirt with alligators on it. :)

absolutely the BIG BROTHER one! :-)

I don't know if italians can participate...if we can I would chose: I stroll NY and Birdies Blue Yellow T-shirts.
very very cute design!

The Destroyer t-shirt...I have 3 boys ;)

I like the Big sister shirt and the propeller boy - very cute prints!

We will be needing one of those "big sister" t-shirts in our house in a couple of months time ;-)

I love the elephant and dove print. So cute!

I like the "Birdies purple tee shirt or onesie". Cute birds for cute girls :o)

I love the HOO LOVES YOU BABY tshirt because I like owls, black, and my girl looks cute in pink :)

I love the big brother t-shirt. My son is the first and only one by now, but anyway he is the big one anyway

Too difficult question... I love them all, really !


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