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What to wear today... edgy graphics

Thursday, 2 September 2010 by Irene Hoofs

Posted by Kellie from Buisjes En Beugels +++ 

It’s a pity they stopped designing garments, because the style of the two founders of Danish LUCKYBOYSUNDAY, both named Camilla, is edgy and stylish! Their photo styling makes me drool! Their sense of graphic and color is magnificent and so fashionable…


I cannot say so much, but rather show you a lot of images…
At the moment their collections contains dolls, pillows, blankets, mobiles and other kids stuff.
Next month a lot of of their products, like Balthazar, will be available at BB+++’s webshop.
The images beneath show their first collection which contains garments too. Personally I love the sparkling cardigan…and the black & white striped leggings! They are so humorous too!

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