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What to wear today... Saltwater Sandals

Thursday, 11 November 2010 by Irene Hoofs


Posted by Hayley from .little pinwheel

Saltwater Sandals hit Australia ... It is coming into summer here in Australia and we are seeing a lot of new trends in clothing. It seems to be the Aussie way to follow the trends we personally like and still place our trusty pair of flip flops on and hit the beach. This summer we have seen the arrival of the American Saltwater Sandals in Australia.

Word is spreading fast around the country about this new style of summer footwear. Saltwater Sandals are taking over the thongs (aka flip flops), and in our home they are now known as Salts.


I bought myself a pair. They sat in my bedroom on the floor staring at me for a whole week before I slipped them on to walk out of the house. A flip flop lover from way back it was hard to change. Not like my daughter who had welcomed the new style of summer footwear and did not take them off from the day she received her first pink pair. My son is also wearing a pair of black Saltwater Sandals.

Why are they so cool? No flowers, no sparkles, awesome range of colours, comfortable, durable leather, can be worn in the water, and they look fantastic on little people, girls and boys, and great for the mummies too. I now own 4 colours, and know this will not be the last colour I buy this season. The thongs have been pushed to the bottom of the pile.       

Salts are the new thongs.

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..stockists list for Australia..


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LOVE seeing this "trend" still going strong after four years! As a child born in the 1980s and raised in the 1990s in America, I wore these but never knew what they were called. After having children of my own I looked high and low desperately for these classic - YES, they are CLASSIC! - sandals, to no avail. Then I saw a number of them posted on Instagram of all places secondhand for sale! I knew that these were the sandals of my childhood immediately. My daughter now has a pair in white and I'm hoping to get a tan pair for my son…and a red pair for myself! Just love them! They are so comfortable and go with everything.

To all those brits desperate for salt-waters!!! YES! a new european supplier is launching next spring/summer at www.saltwatersandals.eu
The site isn't live just yet but keep checking and the details will appear.
If you are a retailer you can pre-order spring/summer stock through them at sales@saltwatersandals.eu

My daughter wore the yellow saltwaters this past summer. They still look brand new, and she insisted on wearing them every day! I want a pair of red ones for myself next year.

saltwater sandal... how i love mine. It's fun reading all these australian blog and seeing them go big. here in california they've become the norm. the red pair is my favorite but that yellow one is so adorable too. now i'm tempted to get a pair in every color.

hi holly, I post internationally too, and have sent quite a few pairs overseas!

go the salts! x

I am trying to get in contact with Irene but the email doesn't work. Please update email. thanks!

Well, usually it seems us American's are taking trends from the uber cool Aussies:) Of course the switch would come from the amazing Saltwater sandals. I wore them when I was little, and now 28, still wearing the camel & red ones through the entire summer! My daughter has them too, and every year, we just go right back because they are SO durable and practical. They really are the best sandal out there.

they are my new favorite too, i wore my hot pink and gold ones all summer in nyc. they are perfect for chasing your kids around the water features at the playground. glad to hear they have made it down under. :)

we bought them in the usa, too bad there is no online retailer in europe (or is there??).

Does anyone know if there are any stockists in the uk?

Yep, we love our Saltwaters too! We have them in red and they look particularly cute on kids :)

These are soooo cool!!! Too bad I have to wait till next summer before I can order them for my little B.


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