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Giveaway: A generous price pack ($150) from Sonny Boutique

Wednesday, 15 December 2010 by Irene Hoofs


What can you win this week ::  the Infant Sacque PLUS  the Flight Hat both from the new line Plum Bunny PLUS the WeeSee DVD PLUS the 14K gold heart earrings by Catbird total value: $ 150.-

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment stating which item you like best from the Sonny boutique...

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 21 December and winner will be announced the following day.

Last weeks winners from the Nanny Pickle giveaway are : Melissa, Sue and Hanna.

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..Sonny boutique blog..

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Oh I love the baby saque! So lovely!

Love the flight hat and the alphabet cards also.

I love the baby name rings. I don't wear much jewelry, but boy would one of these be lovely!

Jungle Friends Mobile, thats my favorite!

The crayon rocks are great!

I like the crayon rocks. cute.

Oh wow the 'measure me stick' is the best thing ever! I would keep it on show all the time - what a great bit of design! Fab fab

love the illustrated alphabet cards...

I love the kina booties and the crayon rocks ! Thanks for this free giveaway !!!

The crayon rocks are cute :)

oh my! what a beautiful collection of pretty things.
love those sweet earrings + would love to snuggle the new babe up in that sacque!

love the little infant sacque - so cute and practical!

I really like the infant sac. After having my first baby, I like the ease of not having to button the legs! I ended up getting carpel tunnel from constantly snapping the buttons of the onesies and sleepers.

We have one of the maple teething toys and they are fabulous. I really love that jungle mobile though!

My favorite thing in the entire store would have to be those heart earrings, so I'm crossing my fingers to win the giveaway as new earrings would make my Christmas. I adore the measure me stick too though, what a great idea.

I really love the little fox pillow!

Measure me stick... please one for each child!!! How timeless and a wonderful family piece to hand down through the generations. Classic with a twist. Perfect for me and my boys.

Maple wood teething toy is so cute!

The confetti mobile is one of my favorite!

The more I look the more I want! The alphabet cards are just gorgeous, so next on my list.

The crayon rocks and the teething toys are ingenious...

I love the Kina booties!

love it, love it!!!

I've bought the gorilla onesie and love it. I also love the plates, especially 'Everyone dreams of peace.' Beautiful!


it's a tough one, but I'd have to go with the Flight Hat in charcoal (& the Peanuts thermos...)

The alphabet card! Fantastic. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Stripes are my favourite! So I love the organic jumpsuit is my pick.

The bear jumpsuit, so cute! Lovely giveaway.

Love the bear jumpsuit...and the measure me stick...and the mobiles!! Cute shop!

I adore the Tea Mobile, the colors are perfect!

This store is too cute for words! I want everything!! The bear jumpsuit is adorable.

the flight hat is adorable and i also love the measure me stick!

The bear jumpsuit is so freakin' cute!

The Tea Mobile is just perfect, and I love the Ida Pearl alphabet cards too. Plus that darling flight hat. Thanks for sharing!

Apart from the flight hat, which is absolutely adorable, I'm also in love with: the rainbow striped Kool Kids legs, the measure me stick, the illustrated alphabet cards, the confetti mobile and oh.. everything else! Very nice collection of the all the right stuff... My 16 month old son and 4 month old daughter will adore a little x-mas gift from Sonny! Best wishes!

The Engine Whistles vintage book looks endearingly mysterious..

A mi y a Nicolás nos gusta el medidor de altura, lástima que yo ya no varíe de talla!
For me and we like Nicholas meter high, sorry that I no longer varies in size!

So many beautiful things in this shop! I'll choose the Tea mobile! :-)

Oh my word! That flight hat is just the most perfect little baby bonnet - I love it!

The bear jumpsuit is so cute! I am due with a boy in Feb!

i love the vintage whaler planter and terrier onesie!!!

Kina booties--so cute, and I read somewhere else that they're from lambs that have died of natural causes. So much nicer!

love the flight hat and the kina booties!

I love the tea mobile!

Very hard decision but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bear suit.

Measure me stick!

Maple teething toy- we need it!

I love the kina booties and the pico pillows. Just lovely.

Soooo many lovely things. Today I am partial to the "Everyone Dreams of Peace" plate.

the star mobile is adorable!

The bowls and plates are adorable-especially the alligator set. I love that they are recycled and toxin free.

I adore the Plum Bunny Bear Sweater Jumpsuit! I would love to see my BFF's baby in this. I hope I win it! Eeeeeee!

Love the rock crayons!

I adore the organic striped jumpsuit! cute shop, thanks for the introduction!

My favorite things are the Frazier & Wing mobiles. Would love to have one for our nursery.

I love the pig onsie. Such amazing stuff!

I love the Measure Me Stick and Everyone Dreams of Peace Plate :)

I love the Return of Fishing wall art! So cute!

Loving the bear jumpsuit! But all their stuff is so unique and adorable that it was hard to pick just one! I'd love to win this prize pack for my new baby boy!

Umm... lots of things that have been on my wish list for a while, but i think the plates are lovely.

AMAZING site! The Measure Me stick and French Farm Animal Magnets are my favorite. Thanks!

oh, the jungle mobile is cute! and otherwise totally out of my price range, so i hope this one (finally) goes to me :-)

wow, i love the confetti mobile best, i think! lots of lovely stuff...

so hard to pick just one item... but the bear jumpsuit definitely stands out : )

I love the custom name prints, as well as the earrings (probably my favorite!)

Everything is beautiful but I specially like the Pig Onesie !

So much to love. Especially the Infant Sacque!

My favorite is the Sweater Infant Sacque!

I love the Measure Me Stick, the jungle friends mobile, the confetti mobile,... so many things!

ooh! with a little one due next year, i've got my eye on the giraffe onsie, and the rain clouds mobile. ok, i've got my eye on just about the whole shop!

The 'Lil Lark Maple Wood Teething Toy' is so simple and lovely!

Everyone Dreams of Peace T-shirt is adorable!

i really love the SPRING RAIN CLOUDS MOBILE.
It looks like how it should feel like :-)

(being a child and standing in the spring rain. Feel the drops on your face, tasting them.. Lovely)

Wow! The Cherry Blossom Baby Swaddle sounds absolutely gorgeous!!!


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