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Merry Christmas


If you read Bloesem yesterday you probably know that the last two weeks have not been my best...but I am feeling much better now... and it seems as if the lovely Kristin knew I needed a bit of cheering up... yesterday's mail really surprised me with this amazing Christmas gift...a vintage fisher-price toy... it brought a big smile to my face and it touched me deeply knowing that Kristin had been looking for this toy especially for me... how beautiful and loving... true Christmas spirit... many thanks Kristin.... with this little friend hanging in my boys' bedroom it feels like having a faraway friend close to me...  


...and we will be using these wonderful Christmas cards as menus for our Christmas dinner, thank you Esther aka Esthex for making my life a bit easier during this crazy week :)!


Wishing all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

..printable ornaments from KLT..

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Sponsor Spotlight: Modern Handmade Child


I have been in bed with a fever for three days...so you could say luck was not on my side these last two weeks but I believe we are all better now and are finally able to prepare for Christmas, but of course I couldn't leave you without any last posts...the good thing about being sick was that I had plenty of time to read all sorts of magazines (love love love doing that) and the online magazine, Modern Handmade Child,  that I have written about before here on BKids is an absolute nice one to read. Just click here and you will arrive in the Winter issue full with 'handmade' ideas, products, recipes and DIY projects...great fun just before this Holiday weekend starts...

..Modern Handmade Child..

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Mom Story : Kim from Albie Design


A short but very lovely Mom Story to start this last week before Christmas with... the Mom is Kim Sly and she lives in Portland...about a year ago Kim decided to step out of her corporate job and take the plunge to follow her dream... albie design

Click here to read this week's Mom Story...


..albie design..

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Category: Mom stories

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some things I liked this week...


these mounted animals from Planet Fur...


these socks from Collegien from France...


these baby animals...


this doorstop and mirror at Gretel...


these mini-cubes...

Happy Sunday! Tomorrow some final Christmas posts ... irene xoxo

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Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Erika Harberts

Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Erika Harberts from MikoDesign

*for Babies:  I think this will look great in a baby room
*for Girls: we love giving creative presents, normally we make our own sewing boxes but this one is also nice
*for Boys:  This is so cool...
*handmade:  I think these necklaces will make a great Christmas gift
*eco-friendly: these noses and tails are so cute !
*pure luxury :   I’m sure the girls would love to have a bag like this
*less than 25:  These great stamps
*less than 50: we love dressing up
*less than 100:  I love petit pan and these mobiles are so pretty

"We start the Christmas period this year, I think again with a small Christmas at our house, with the girls and Christmas crafts decorate the house and the nice day to gluhwin and cookies with friends, acquaintances, customers and themselves with Christmas just sit with the family eating together."



Bloggers Gift Guide for Kids 2010


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Sponsor Spotlight: Itch Design


Inspired by edgy adult fashion Itch Design is 'the' funkiest fashion label for kids from Australia...wow I love their graphics and cool illustrations printed on the t-shirts, onesies, shorts and more...how cool is mr. Mustache? Itch Design is currently working on their new website but at the moment they have a strong and regurlay updated facebook page...and even better a shop inside facebook with many items for sale at the moment.... have a look for yourself...

..Itch Design..
..go shopping..
..Itch Design at Little Pinwheel..

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