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Perfect Knits


Not sure what I can add... knitwear in the most perfect way!

A beautiful label, Esencia, set up by two ladies with a completely different background, one from Japan and one from Peru and the rest is history :) ... via little scandinavian.


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Category: Knits

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Pastels by Mimmi Staaf


Fina Frida is a very beautiful blog from Sweden, I'm having a very hard time understanding most of the written content, but she always directs me to these great websites from other Swedish people like upholsterer Mimmi Staaf.

Perhaps these pastel colors wouldn't be my first choice, but seeing them used on these vintage furniture pieces do bring a smile on my face... what about you?

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Category: Color Collage | Link Love

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Hello new week...


Bit of a late start today...becasue I have been working behind the scenes again :) I have send out many invitations for guest posts, mom stories and a new column I'm trying to start real soon... all about kid's fashion!

And I finifshed a great Let's Get Personal Tour on Bloesem today ... sure you will love to see Jessica's house. I will be back a bit later with two posts, so please be patient.



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Sponsor Spotlight: 41orchard nursery wall stickers


Yes in my home we have wall stickers in the boys room ... and no these are not images of that room, they are from 41 Orchard,  but I certainly like these very much! I believe it is the easiest way to decorate a nursery or a kids room and make it look special. The stickers are removable and you can just like me change them on a different wall from time to time.


What I really like about the 41 Orchard range of wall stickers is their use of colors! All 41 Orchard designs are made in Australia from a low-tac self adhesive fabric specifically designed for wall graphics and the good thing is you can order them wherever you live and shipment costs are very low! Have fun finding your favorite stickers.


..41 Orchard..
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Giveaway: Adorable baby set from Bunnies by the Bay


What can you win :: this adorable baby set from Bunnies by the Bay. The set includes a swing coat, bunny muff, bunny ears hat, book and “My Dream Coat” storybook box with picture frame. Embroidered inside the coat: “Once within this dreamy coat, Danced a dainty lass. Remembering all the glad dreams, To her daughter, the coat will pass.” (value $144.-)

What do you have to do :: leave a comment stating what your favorite item from Bunnies by the Bay is.

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 1 February and the winner will be announced the following day.

..Bunnies by the Bay..
..Bunnies by the Bay Blog ..


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Category: Giveaways

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What to wear today... collection spring summer 2011: part 1



To be honest I'm not a mom who follows all the latest fashion trends for children, but I do LOVE to look at the new collections from my favorite and new to me children labels ... so today and tomorrow I will share some pictures with you from spring/summer collections from different brands worldwide.... hope you like them ...

...above are you see the new collection from KidsCase a super funky Dutch label. I have met the founder, Jacqueline van Nieuwkerk, years ago briefly and I totally admire how she has build her label with outlets thorughout the world. {ps. my greetings to Lies}



The black&white is from a new to me label called baby lady inc. ... which was founded in 2009 by Brooklyn fashion aficionado and mother, Kat West. I absolutely love the simplicity of the patterns and the fabircs that are being used...great new find for me!



A not so new to me label is april showers by polder ...  ... two Dutch sisters currently living in Paris create the most beautiful items ... again I love what they do!

More spring/summer collections tomorrow!


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Category: Fashion for kids

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