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The Homies 2011


This morning I heard about the Homies 2011... it is always a fun award game Apartment Theraphy/Ohdeedoh organises at the end of a year... today is the last day for nominations and I guess I'm immodest enough to announce t here on BKids...hope you will nominate BloesemKids! I believe there is only 1 nomination for BKids so far ... :)

Click here and leave a comment stating 'BloesemKids' http://bkids.typepad.com ...

Many Thanks for all your continues support!


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Mom Story : Belinda from Australia


It's super sunny outside, my parents are downstairs in the garden with the boys and I'm constantly thinking...wow I'm actually 39 now! Does this mean I'm getting old? No no no I should not think like that. But it does scare me a little bit and makes me aware do enjoy life to the fullest. We have had a beautiful Birthday weekend and I was really spoiled :) Thank you all for your super sweet, comments, tweets and facebook messages, I enjoyed reading them last night in bed.

...enough about me... please let me introduce you to this creative Mom living in Australia who runs her own stationery business from her home. Her name is Belinda Moon and you can read her lovely Mom Story right here...

..MoonMum blog..

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some things I liked this week...PART 2


handmade pillows from pilosale...


this light from Vibeke Fonnesberg...


baby products from pinetti...


Enjoy your weekend... mine is going to be a surprise....turning 39 on Sunday :) irene xx


this puzzle from just hatched...


some drawings I re-discovered from my own portfolio...


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some things I liked this week...PART 1

It is already Thursday today and yes you are right no 'what to wear' for you today and no, tomorrow no 'cooking for kids' for you...I do apologise but I hope you understand it's all due to the following reason.... my parents are visiting, parents again perhaps you will say ...yes again, no not again it's my second set of parents: I have to let you in on a little private detail of my life...my parents divorced when I was six year old ... and of course this had a huge impact on the person I'm today, but not a negative impact per-se... both my parents have found a new partner for life and with both of them I'm very close...my sons even feel as if they have six grandparents, two from my husband's side and four from me... I feel blessed and lucky for having so many oma's and opa's in our lives, who we all feel close with and who love us. So this week is another week that I spent a lot of quality time with them and share with you 'just' some fabulous finds...


this room from Cinqmai...


the 'greys' at le dans la...


Birthday cards from Tokketok...


great tatoo's via ps.ik hou van jou...


the Family-planner from Pimpelmees...


thesePetit friends at Etsy...


the haning tree from Made by Gup found via shak shuka...

Tomorrow more more more more finds... there is so much beauty online .... thank you to everybody who contributes... irene x

ps. Winners from the Sewing Book's Giveaway form last week are: Tanya, Hutsefluts and Vita


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more Bibelotte...


I have added these images to the Mom Story from Bibelotte... Jacoline emailed me them yesterday and of course I wanted you to see them too...nice inspiration for a kids room...





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Craft project(S): make special Valentine’s Cards


Today I have the pleasure of sharing TWO super nice creative ideas with you for Valentine's Cards... one is from Helen and the other is from Khali... i feel a bit spoiled for finding these two projects in my mailbox this morning and am hoping they both will encourage you to make some cards yourself with your kids this week and give them to a person they really love...


..Love Bug Valentine’s Cards by Helen from Curly Birds..

..Valentine Scratch Cards by Khali from Little. Lovely...

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