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New Series: Fashion Stories: Noemí from Cozy&Free


A new column here on B:Kids and it's all about the talented people behind the fashion labels we like to buy for our children. I have sent invitations to several kids fashion designers and aksed them to share some images with us 'from-behind-the-scenes' ... and answer a few short questions.

Hope you like the series. Today we kick-off with Noemí from Cozy&Free ... please enjoy!


A Fashion Story by Noemí from Cozy&Free

C: Cozy&Free stands for... feeling comfortable and free. There’s no one without the other.

O: Originality is... Sticking to your guts in spite of what everyone else tells you.

Z: Zipper, zebra or zeitgeist and why... If I have to pick one I guess that would be zeitgeist, though but by the minute, not a time or era.

Y: Years from now I will... Still be curious and use all of our senses and maybe add a few more.


My-office-in-SF_1  Cozyandfree2 At-SeeMe-tradeshow_CFFW10 Cozyandfree With-my-son-Theo-in-our-SF-home


A: Accessories are… Little fun touches.

N: New collection is something I start thinking of when... Before I’m done with the next collection.

D: Dreams I have for Cozy&Free are... I want it to be soulful and meaningful.



F: Fashion is... Temporary.

R: Relaxing I do when... When I sleep or I get to enjoy the now.

E: Examples of great brands are... I admire the effortless and comfortable feel of Isabel Marant’s androgynous pieces.

E: Energy comes from... With-in.



..Thank You Noemí from Cozy&Free..

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Category: Fashion for kids

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Hello Monday with ChickenRythm...


Starting this week with a quick thank you to the lovely Malvina and Aliki from ChickenRythm for our awesome new shirts! Lode and Kiet were getting compliments in our local grocery shop last Saturday :) ...

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Category: Fashion for kids

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some things I liked this week...


these gorgeous alphabeth prints from Woop via darling clementine


these lamps from Hartendief...


this vintage bakelite figurebox over at 2oldschool...

Dickbruna Say-100_2 Papiermache Olivelse


my new vintage Dick Bruna puzzle that Deborah found for me ...


Olivelse's new collection...

being part of the '100 voices that matter'.


the Papier Mache giveaway on Bloesem...

It has been a hectic fun week, a beautiful 'compliment' and the start of two exciting new projects, which I will tell you about in two weeks time from now. I hope you had a good week too...time for some rest and hope to see you back on Monday. Unfortunately no Mom Story, have invited many moms, but no responses so far...but I do have another new column that I will start on Monday! Cheers, irene xoxo



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Come and Draw Table by Tian Tang design


Sometimes you see something that makes so much sense!

Yes this super fun drawing table called Come and Draw would look very nice in our home too! Tiang Tiang is the designer who currently studies and lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. I discovered Come and Draw at the blog of this good looking kids magazine from Denmark, thanks Mia for introducing me to it.

..Come and Draw Table..

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Category: Furniture for kids

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Giveaway: Travel suitcase and Musicbox from Esthex


What can you win :: A super cute canvas Travel suitcase + a lovely Canvas Musicbox of choice both from my favorite Dutch children's soft toys label Esthex. 

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment stating which item which you would like to see added to the Esthex Travel collection?

This giveaway runs until Wednesday 2 March and the winner will be announced the following day.



..Esthex online shop..
..I like Esthex' view on the Sartorialist..

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Category: Giveaways

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Lode Loves Dino's, my pillows for him...


My son is a Dino addict ... it started when he was a bit younger and very afraid of the dark and when he saw some dino cartoons on  tv he started believe that these lovely creatures could protect him ... when I was working on my sewing machine a little while ago he asked whether i could make a Dinosaurs for him... so totally inspired by the sewing techniques of the wonderful Kristin from KLT:Works and Samantha from MummySam I created some dino-pillows for him ... and see here the result :)


Some other dino inspired things my son would surely love are these finds below...

 Dino Stamp Set; Dino undies; Dino lunch bag; Dinobox drawing set; Dinosaurs Matching Game;





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Category: Accessories | Great toys

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