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LuckyKids and BKids' guest posts

Luckymagazine {image links you can find over at Lucky right now}

...and speaking of Guest blogging... perhaps you have seen me, already two weeks ago, over at Lucky right now? ? It was an absolute honor for me to be invited by the wonderful Jen Ford from Lucky Magazine to write guest posts for their awesome blog.

I made 5 posts in total and these were the titels:
* A splash of Neon
* Kid Crafts around the web
* An Illustrated World
* A Million Reasons to Party...
* Vintage-Inspired Fashion for Kids


just received this image from the lovely ChantaleP. from the blog Skinny mini Kiki, she had seen this little write up in the actual issue of the first LuckyKids magazine... blush, nice...!


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Guest Post by Jenny Rinzler about 'making things'


*Guest post by Jenny Rinzler

How exciting to be a guest blogger here on bkids. I am Jenny Rinzler, the designer and maker behind This Humble Abode. Since 2006 I have using my little apartment in San Francisco to sew heirloom goods with modern appeal. The project that started this whole company was sewing a very large quilt for a friend who was getting married. I wanted to honor the wonderful tradition of quilting, but have always been more attracted to the bold color and clean lines of modern design. Last year when another friend was getting married, I started making neckties which has been the perfect addition to my product line. Apparently weddings inspire me.


While city living has many advantages, space is certainly not one of them. I started making baby quilts because I could manage their smaller size in my little workspace. Our dining room table is where I cut out all items, and I have a small table in the corner for my sewing machine. At times it can feel cramped, but working in a small place makes me more considerate about what I buy and how I use the fabric I have.

I like smart design, so most of the items I make create as little waste as possible. Apron ties are intentionally the same width as lovey bindings so I can use spare pieces from one project in another. What I really like about sewing is how it’s all one big word problem; if I want these seams to be invisible, then I have to sew this part on before that part. It’s important to me that what I make is user friendly and beautiful at the same time.


In addition to making all things This Humble Abode, I work as a nanny for three little sisters. I take handstitching with me to work on during quiet moments when everyone is playing nicely. Actually, I take handstiching with me almost everwhere. I love that it is portable and that I can watch a movie and work at the same time.


The most satisfying part about what I make is that I get to be part of people’s lives during particularly wonderful moments, a baby being born, the day they are married and so on. Knowing that what I make will be cherished by both the giver and recipient is deeply gratifying.

The most satisfying part about what I make is that I get to be part of people’s lives during particularly wonderful moments, a baby being born, the day they are married and so on. Knowing that what I make will be cherished by both the giver and recipient is deeply gratifying.

..This humble abode..
..This humble abode blog..
..This humble abode etsy shop..

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Craft Project: make fabric play money


This is possibly the best Play Money i have ever seen, I absolutely love Helen's new craft project for us. Like her adorable girls many kids love love playing shop and doing this with personalised money makes it even more fun.

Just click here to see see how Helen has made the money notes....

Much easier then you might think :)


..Curly Birds..

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A new week...


{all images above are taken by Marjon Hoogervorst aka Vorstin}

I hope you missed me ? I certainly missed you :) but wow have I had a spectecular week last week. Marjon Hoogervorst (Dutch photographer) arrived on Monday exactly one week ago and picking her up from the airport was exciting, because we had actually never met before... sort of a blind-date I guess... and I was chasing the wrong blond in the arrival hall at first..., but found her eventually...:)

It was great having Marjon over and get to know each other but no time to relax...we planned to shoot 7 houses in 6 days...crazy, yes absolutely crazy, but we DID it! And we even had time to visit some remarkable places here in Kuala Lumpur and shot some images too...just some impressions above.

Quite a steep learning curve for me... doing the interior styling for all of these houses... never did this before... having blogged about interior design for almost 5 years this was a welcome and exciting change (and challenge...). Luckily for me Marjon is very experienced and I am so impressed by this photographer's attitude towards work... complete commitment! No complaints at all by her, although it was 30 degrees C, only positive energy, true focus on everything she did and she has an amazing eye for that what needs to be captured. 

Yesterday evening I brought Marjon back to the airport, it was  a bit emotional, because I made a true friend last week, one that I am going to miss having around, she tought me soooo much and I now have even more respect for the hard work by photographers... and stylists...:)

You probably wonder where are the images!!! Well we have made close to 1000 images, we have to filter them first, see where they fit best ... we are thinking of a small book or publication in a magazine. Once we know more I will share some images here on Bloesem.

Tomorrow BloesemKids is going to be back to it's normal self, I will start with an amazing new craft project ... see you tomorrow xx irene xx

 ps. if you are an editor from a magazine and interested in one of the homes we photographed here in Malaysia, please do shoot us an email!

ps. sorry for using the same text as on my Bloesem post ... not sure how to describe it differently.


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Giveaway: Extra Large Wall Decal 'The Owl Tree' from Little Lion


What can You win this week :: this fantastic wall decal (extra large) for a nursery, play room or bedroom from Little Lion Studio... the Owl Tree.

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment stating which item you like best from the Little Lion Studio shop

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 29 March and winner will be announced the following day.

..LittleLion Studio inc...
..LittleLion Studio shop..

 The Giveaway is CLOSED, Winner is: Damaris S.

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Guest post: make your own ABC cards by Hiskia van Leeuwen


**Guest post by Hiskia van Leeuwen

Hello, I'm Hiskia van Leeuwen, Dutch mother of 4 year old Isis. Recently we moved to the Swiss countryside from where I write a blog kleinezaken

Since Isis is eager learning the alfabet these days, I made her her own ABC cards. With a 'S' for Snow White, 'A' for Ariel and an 'O' for 'Opa' (Dutch for 'granddad') etcetera. Most ABC cards are in English, making them nice to decorate, but useless for us to learn the alfabet.


I figured that there might be more kids out there wanting to learn the ABC their own way, so I made a free download that you can customize yourselve.

Here is how:
*downlaod the file
*Click 'File' and 'Download original'.
*Then open the document in Adobe Reader (if you don't have Adobe Reader you can download it here for free.
*Click the middle of each card to enter your own image. Portrait orientated photo's will fit best.
* After you entered all pictures print the cards on paper. Or, if you want to save your finished project you can do so by printing the document to a pdf-file.
*You can print the cards on card stock paper and / or laminate them to make them more durable)
*Please note that after printing the file into a pdf, it becomes non-editible.

..free ABC cards download..

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