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Birthday 'Help' needed ...

Perhaps you noticed... not so many posts this week (: ... and I do apologise for this, but this mama was/is tired, not feeling too well and a lot of things to do in my private life. Among other things a very important upcoming Birthday. Lode my oldest son will be 5 soon and I really would like to give him a special party.


So i did some research yesterday on the internet to prepare myself. I will try and make everything myself, the invitations, party materials and decorations if you have any suggestions for printables, downlaodables, you name it, please leave a comment! I love this simple, but very colorful party in the top image from blissfulfetes, which I found via Hip Hooray.  


I will also use this free down-loadable disguise-kit from designhousedigital and put them on sticks, just for fun. Little animals like these will be part of the party bag.


Perhaps I'm setting the bar a bit too high for myself :), never made a real cake in my whole life, but I would definitely score big time with one these .. awesome found the via Momfilter and they are from Chez Bogata Bakery, in Paris.


and if I would have had enough time I would go to Daiso too and try create these amazing handmade journals myslef too just like ... did for the ver inspiring lovelydesign blog. By the Congratulations Sharilyn with your beautiful new baby boy!

More ideas or if you would like to HELP me with downloads or printables pleases let me know, I will do a write up here on BKids about the party and give proper links!

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Stella's little project...


Have you already seen this great competition Stella McCartney is organising right now... your child can be the new designer of one of their t-shirts!! find all the details here on this website...

Love Stella's idea to let children contribute their own artwork to inspire two very special new Tees for her summer clothing line.


some of my favorites from the Gallery... which ones do you like best?

..Stella McCartneykids..


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Category: Inspiration

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some things I liked this week...


the felt items from pretty little things...


Guusjes new Elephant screen print...

Aestheticoutburst Cocon-etc Luckykids


Lucky wooden horseshoe with geometric pattern from aesthetic out burst...

trees.... cocon etc.

seeing myself in the first issue of LuckyKids magazine.

Let me just finnish this week by wishing you a very Happy Easter weekend ... we will be spending it in two cities... and trying to take a little bit of rest so I hope to see you back on Tuesday! xxirenexx


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nine stories about love... a new book by Ana Ventura


Many of you know that I'm a big fan of Ana Ventura's work and it always makes me happy seeing new work by her. How wonderful to share a couple of new things today. First this must-have new book illustrated by Ana, written by Giovanna Zoboli and published by Pistache Moustache... about LOVE, LOVE and more love.


a new print 'take care'... very appropriate for me at the moment as my son is very much into growing seeds and plants ...available right here...


and last but certainly not least this beautiful set of postcards showing a fantastic collaboration between Ana and my other longtime admired artist Camilla Engman... wow how their illustrations merge so beautifully here... i will buy and frame these for our new Singapore home :)

Ana is looking for shops in Europe, the Netherlands who would like to carry her items so if you are interested please email her.

..nine stories about love..
..tree print..
..set of 4 postcards..


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just some Easter fun...


esthex' bunnies in Esther's home...


Oak bunny ears egg cup from Hop & Peck...


Rifle Paper Co.'s book-themed invitations and little lamb cookies by Elizabeth bots for Martha Stewart... free downlaod!


Easter decoration from Beeldsteil... wish I knew where the carton eggs came from, love them!

Homemadehappiness Herzkaspar_neonOstern Beeldsteilpasen

Easter printables from Homemade Happiness...


Neon easter at herzkaspar...


{image above from Beeldstijl}

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Category: Inspiration

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Craft Project: Dinosaur fabric wall stickers


When I was invited for an interview in the April issue of Dutch magazine, 101 Woonideeen, I was also asked whether I could prepare a fun, easy and creative DIY project for the home. Being more of a knitter and crafter I tried to find something that was easy enough for me to do ... suddenly I remembered a tutorial I had seen on the internet already a year ago... namely this one over at 'sewing for scarlet' ... so I started preparing my own fabric Dino wall decals.

Would you like to know how to make these fabric wall stickers then click here...

101-woonideeen was super kind to also share a downloadable pdf with the insturctions on their fantastic blog, but text is in Dutch... pdf... 


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Category: Craft Projects

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