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Cards and Invitations you want to have!


tataratata.... a group of happy bears, tigers and lions just arrived from Australia by mitchel&Dent ... too cute!

A new love for me, Dear Hancock... love their cards, invitations and customized stationery for kids...

This was the first stationery company I fell in love with almost 11 years ago while living in New York... eggpress and they are still belog to the top in the market i believe!

Jnielsen  Letterpost


and form a completely different world come these bright, bold and happy cards. The cards above are from one of my favorite graphic designer Jessica Nielsen and below you see Letterpost... I'm sure kids will love them, becasue they like recognising their age or the first letter of their name and even better when you customize them with their own picture, via letterpost in the Netherlands.



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Knock Knock


{Jimin from Smallville studio showing her home on BKids}

Good morning, I know this week already started, but I simply didn't have time to start yesterday. The whole day long I had to deal with a bunch of electricians in our house cleaning the aircons, fixing some problems and other boring stuff. This morning I was looking for some kids room inspiration and suddenly thought why not visit my own archives and look at some of the wonderfull Knock, Knock's and the fabulous women who were my guest here on BKids... to make your life easier I summed up some my favorite pics for you...


kitchen table from Sandra's home or should I say Isak's home :)


Eliza Gran's warm and cozy home...


Emma Cassi's every inspiring home...


Tiel's special home in Australia...

... and there were so many more wonderful ladies who gave a little insight into their homes... just keep clicking in the archives of this category: Knock Knock


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Category: Mom stories

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some things I liked this week...


This very nice Charity project from Tiny-Us by Virginie Dreyer...


Lori Henriques' her new album of original songs entitled “Outside My Door – Songs For Children Of all Ages.”... you recognise the artwork :) ?

Chickenrythm  Kinderkmerstylist  Bygitte


the new iron-ons from Chicken rythm...


the portfolio from the KinderkamerStylist...


the handmade whale and birds By Gitte ...

Happy Weekend!! Irene xoxo



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Kids of Kathmandu... a wonderful charitiy project!


Can I please ask your attention for this wonderful charity project. I received an email from Kristin telling me about her designer friend living in Brooklyn who has started an inspiring project that pairs furniture design with funding for children's education.... bit more about the story... "Last year, furniture maker Andrew Raible, and photographer Jami Saunders spent their honeymoon volunteering in a Nepali orphanage, living and working with 41 kids in Kathmandu. Back at home, the couple continued thinking about the children and decided to start the non-profit organization Kids of Kathmandu, which utilizes photography, art and design to raise awareness and funds for these kids.


Their first initiative, The Desk Project, is focused on furniture design. They reached out to established New York architects, designers, artists and woodworkers to design and fabricate a child's desk to be auctioned off with the proceeds going towards the children's education in Nepal. The idea is that each desk sold will support a child for one year. In response, they've received 11 unique children's desks from 11 different designers (including MADE, Uhuru and Daniel Moyer). The desks are now on display and up for auction!(text by Chris and Kristin)

..The Desk Project..


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Category: Furniture for kids

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Craft Project: CD Case fimo Labyrinth


Would you like to play a game today... or even better would you like to play your own handmade game today? Teri explains in this craft project how you can create beautiful DIY Fimo Labyrinths. Making them is probably a big part of the fun!

Just click here for this weeks craft project: CD Case fimo Labyrinth ...



ps. did you already see the new pouches from the Giddy Giddy collection, too cute!! soon available here in the shop. 

..shop Giddy Giddy..

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A sponsor round-up part 2


Last week I shared the first part of my Sponsor round-up as a toke of my apreciation for them advertising on BKids and to show you the wonderful things they offer... like all the handmade things you can find via the Etsy Kids website in the image above...


these beautiful, funtional and modern wall racks from Kalma & Violeta.


The funny Octopus and stationery over at Shak Shuka.

Littlepinwheel  Stellamcarthy Popline Storytime  MORE>>

T-shirts and acorn beanies at little pinwheel.


Stella McCartney' kids collection.

These happy bags and Sonny angels over at Pop-Line.


These very adorable baby shoes at Storytime.


The sophie&Lilie dolls at peanut & pip.


All the lovely things, tips and ideas you can find in this free online magazine, Modern Handmade Child.

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Category: Spotlight

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