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Mom Story: Joscha from MUS handmade

Monday, 16 May 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Joscha is one of those Dutch moms who I really admire, she has a beautiful family with four kids, runs two great blogs, MUShandmade and jaszakschatten and creates many many things some of them are handmade stamps and screenprints. I'm delighted that she shares a bit of her life in a tiny village in the Netherlands with us and yes amazing pics of their home... decorating ideas for all of us :)

Click here for the Mom Story with Joscha....


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En ik ben ook zo trots op haar !
Hoe ze het huishouden met 4 kids doet, werken, en dan nog
zoveel creatieve spullen maken in d`r kleine vrije uurtjes.
Trots dat jij mijn zus bent !

Supers, Joscha!

Really nice post with lots of things that I hadn't seen from Joscha's home yet (even though I'm a follower of her blog). And now I know why she always looks so gracious on pictures: she's a ballerina! ;)

A very cool mom and her blog is nice to follow.

So many photos of such an amazing home! I esp love that cuckoo clock collection.. wow, what an amazing place.. so many ideas.. thanks so much for sharing!

Heel leuk !! De blog is ook super om te volgen ! ;-)

Loved to know you Joscha! Very inspiring for me (I also have 4 children).

I love it!! :D


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