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Bloesem Kids Wear Neon

Wednesday, 4 May 2011 by Irene Hoofs


SUPER SUPER EXCITED... today I'm finally able to share with you a new project that I have been working on with my dear friend and BKids' colleague Vivien.

BloesemKids Wear Neon...  our new collection of funky, happy and cheerful necklaces for girls and boys.

Vivien and I both love the colorful Neon trend and came across these beautiful cotton neon threads in a small shop in KL. And thought they would make perfect strings for necklaces. 


It was very important to us to create necklaces that were at the same time not too jewelry-like and would last for a long time. Therefore we chose to work with only high quality materials. Original Swarovski crystals, two Neon threads of elastic and cotton and for the closing we used 9.25 sterling silver.


All necklaces are handmade by Vivien and me. We also made funky felt pouches, painted in pink neon, to carry and protect the necklace. Or later can be used for different purposes… I actually use one as a passport holder.

Tea_bluestar_500 Kiet_bluestar Anais_diamonds Lode_neonstars


Our four kids were very much involved in the whole process. First as our test-panel: and they were not easy on us I can assure you... specific demands by them were all taken on board in the final collection. Together we chose the color combinations, the mixing and matching of the crystals and of course they wanted to be our models for the photo-shoot.


We’re quite nervous to show you this new Neon collection, but despite our stage-fright we decided to share BKids Wear Neon with you today and simply enjoy the moment.


Even baby Kiet, 2yrs old, wanted to be part of the ‘Wear Neon Wave’...  and he specifically chose this light golden starfish, proudly sitting on a throne and be the perfect model during the shoot!
When our friends noticed the kids wearing these colorful necklaces they immediately asked for one too... so we guess they also think they are kinda cool... hope you do too!


We truly hope you love our BKids Wear Neon as much as we do... please help us spread the word and if you are already in the mood of buying one then head over to our SHOP right here!
Our kids love wearing the necklaces which makes us feel proud! BloesemKids Wear Neon makes them feel pretty, happy and excited and that is all that matters!

Irene & Vivien
Ps. We also have special Mama sets, could be a nice Mothers day present!

ps. if you are a online shop owner and interested in carrying our collection pls do not hesitate to send us an email.

Go shopping for the BKids Wear Neon collection!

A BIG Thank You to An Van Daele who helped us with the photography. You can find her portfolio right here and her blog here. And another thank you to Marjon Hoogervorst for making the top image!

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stunning, beautiful! Irene and Vivien, these are indeed very special!

Irene, this is so wonderful! Congratulations! What a perfect compliment for B:kids. Well done :) x

The necklaces are great! It's been 25 long years since I wore necklaces like that. How I wish I could bring back my happy childhood days.

Dear Bloesom team, I love your jewellery and have written about them on my blog, I hope you don´t mind that I have used your images? Thank you for your inspiring blog.

Best regards

These are the cutest!

Love the necklaces, congrats! Wrote a little feature about them on our blog..


These are adorable! x

the cutest jewels!

These are great! Now I just have to decide on which one I want for my son:)

Te gek! Gefeliciteerd met jullie nieuwe collectie, ik vind ze prachtig!

so cute! I want them for myself :)

Geweldig! Wat hebben jullie er mooie kettingen van gemaakt, die inderdaad ook geweldig zijn voor de (stoere) jongens. Grote complimenten!

Congratulations! These are great!!

congratulations Irene, these are so cute x

it's is so so so beautiful and the pictures are amazing....makes me smile :) Think Storm will look cute with one of those necklaces....xo

ooocch wat zijn ze schattig !!

wow! wat ontzettend stoer zeg, en zo helemaal in het geheim gedaan ;-)
super leuk, mijn bestelling van een klein visje voor mijn eigen als waar groter wordende visje is al geplaatst!
Veel succes en vooral plezier met je shop.
Liefs Maike

What a cute collection! Congratulations, I'm sure you'll sell lots!

They look really cool!
Congrats on your new product line!


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