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Guest post: My favorite bedding by Fleur van Schellen

*Post written by Fleur van Schellen

Blankets for your baby

A few years a go I went to Bergen, Norway for a summer holiday with my family. In Bergen downtown I suddenly found these soft, colorful knitted blankets by Oleana that are all made of natural fibers like wool, silk, alpaca or cashmere. I was amazed by the beautiful patterns en designs!

They somewhere reminded me of Dutch label Oilily, but it was different; more inspired by nature and softer. This Oleana collection is produced in a factory only in Norway and fairmade, which is always a good thing. I didn’t buy a piece at that time, probably too dazzled, but luckily they have stores around the world. Now, I think of it, I definitely need to visit one soon!


..Blog by Fleur: home-kreatief

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Sponsor Spotlight: Kids Fashion Land


Time for some serious sale shopping for some wonderful brands like Bobo Choses, Bodebo, Kids Case, Tuss, The Brand, etc. ... just head over to Kids Fashion Land. I would start by looking at their gorgeous LookBook to get some good inspiration and than find the pieces you like best. It's
unbelievable but true but Kids Fashion Land delivers worlwide in 2-4 days all over the world.


At the Kids Fashion Land blog you will find some nice information about the latest trends, design and more in the kids fashion world. 

All images are from Kids Fashion Land's Lookbook.

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Category: Fashion for kids

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Guest post: My favorite bedding by Yvonne Michielsen


*Post written by Yvonne Michielsen

My favorite bedding….

Kids grow! My little boy became too big for his baby bed. For me a great opportunity to refurnish his room. But –maybe you recognize this-  a job that seems to be small, usually becomes bigger and bigger. Starting with just his room, I ended up painting all the rooms of my three children! For the girls rooms lots of pink (they still love it) and in the boys room, I used light and dark blue, combined with red. 


 At the end, when the painting part was over, it was nice to find the right accessories. Very important is –of course- the bedding. A long time ago, I’ve seen a particular bedding from Fresh! Home collection. It’s checkered blue and white with a big red star in the middle. Exactly the colors I’ve used for his room. That  bedding wasn’t available for a baby bed, but now finally my son has the right size!

YvonneMic   YvonneMich

I’m happy with the result and very important too, my little boy loves this bedding. It’s his favorite! When he goes to bed, and I give him a big hug, it’s nice to muffle him under the big star: sweet dreams


On the picture you see also a blanket from room seven (http://www.roomseven.com). It used to be on the baby bed, but now it’s still nice to play with; to built a hut for example.

..Iedere Dag Iets Moois..

..Fresh! Home collection..

All images are by Yvonne Michielsen .

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Craft Project: No-Sew Twirlers


Helen always brings us the happiest craft projects... projects to really play with... easy and fun things to make and use as toys.... today she shows us how to make these 'No-Sew Twirlers' 

Just click here to see this weeks craft project...


..Curly Birds
..other craft projects..

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Category: Craft Projects

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Binth Baby Book Call for Entry

The wonderful people behind Binth are looking for every mom/family that has a BINTH Baby Book and are asking them to share their favorite pages with all of us by posting it on their FacebookPage. The cool thing about this is that if you do so you instantly have a chance to win something from the Binth collection: every week Binth will draw winners amongst all entries.

All this will start on July 1 and ends July 31.

You can read more information right here. Good luck and have fun!


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Guest post: Tante Ted by Marieke van Proosdij

 This week I'm getting help for the BKids' posts from some really nice and creative ladies from around the globe. I have asked them to do a short write-up about their favorite bedding. Often people send me emails what kind of bedding I like... I will share 'that' next week with you :)

One of the guest bloggers you will meet this week, or already have met last week, will become one of BKids' new regular contributors... very exciting and curious to hear which 'bedding-post' you really like.


 Today we start with Guest post written by Marieke van Proosdij.

It's a boy!....

A few years ago, when I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend and I where thrilled. Some time later, when they told us I was going to have a baby boy, I could not believe what I was hearing..a boy??? Oh 'boy', what to do? I'm completely a girly girl type, you know. Not particularly the color pink but I just love prints all over. I love retro and flowers in any kind and shape. Especially in a print on my wallpaper. I love skirts and dresses and all these lovely little things you can buy for a baby girl's room. I'm crazy about all kinds off fabric and making my own pillowcases and was already dreaming of all the lovely textiles I was going to prepare for the nursery...Some busy months came around, work and moving to another house. So I put my little 'problem' on the side.


Pimpelwit_boy  Pimpelwit_2



When our son got his one year anniversary, his dad and I decided to make his room a bit less baby and a bit more boyish. We fell in love with almost all the textiles from Tante Ted. Not to mention all these products made off old blankets! 


There's lot's of fun stuff for a boys room of different ages too. My boy is just 16 months now, so we keep it a bit simple with shapes and forms he get's interested in. Like all these little insects crawling around in our garden. How funny to put these prints on pillowcases and wall stickers. Just see for yourself at Tante Ted's site for more great stuff!


..Tante Ted..
..Thank you Marieke van Proosdij from Pimpelwit Styling
..All images by Marieke van Proosdij

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Category: Kidsrooms

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