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Please say 'hi' to Tiffany!

Monday, 1 August 2011 by Irene Hoofs


I'm super delighted and happy to announce a new contributor to BKids and Bloesem today. The very very nice Tiffany King from Sincerely Pierre's officially starts working for the Bloesem family. She will be the one inviting Moms from all over the world for a Mom Story... so perhaps you hear soon from her :), organise giveaways and she will help me prepare this year's Gift Guides ... I'm thrilled because I love her style, taste and witty style of writing... for example right on her own blog Five Hundred Miles. Please welcome her and if you have a question for Tiffany already regarding BKids or Bloesem just drop her an email right here.


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Welcome Tiffany, I'm just now discovering your other blogs-love them!!

Welcome Tiffany! You have the BEST eye- love everything you do & look forward to seeing more. Congrats! Have fun!

Congrats Tiffany! It will be wonderful to see you and your terrific personality here on Bloesem!

welcome tiffany!

Welcome Tiffany! :)

Wow!! Thank you so much!! I wasn't expecting this lovely introduction - feeling rather full of myself this morning :)
I am thrilled to be joining the team, Irene is such a creative spirit and I feel honored to get to be apart of that.
Thank you so much for the lovely welcome too - Shireen, Tilda, and Rozalinde!


Welcome, congrats and have fun!!!

welcome tiffany! i really love your personal blogs, especially 'sincerely-pierre', really great taste! So i'm looking forward to your creative posts!

Looking forward to your post Tiffany, congrats and enjoy!


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